Andrea True

Andrea True (born July 26, 1943) is a former adult film star and singer from the disco era. In addition to her given name, she had multiple stage names, including Inger Kissin, Andrea Travis, Catherine Warren, Singh Low, and Singe Low. ... more on Wikipedia

Andrea True Filmography

tv movie 2012 The Joy of Disco as Herself
movie 2005 Inside Deep Throat as Herself - Adult Film Actress
tv series 2000 100 Greatest Dance Songs of Rock & Roll as Herself
video movie 1993 True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Cult Superstars
movie 1983 Weekend Cowgirls as Andrea
movie 1981 Debbie Does Las Vegas as Lesbian #1
movie 1979 French Wives as Madame
movie 1977 Little Orphan Sammy as The Bellydancer
movie 1977 Sweet Wet Lips as Manicurist
movie 1976 M*A*S*H'd as Hot Puss
movie 1976 Once Over Nightly
movie 1976 Seduction as Lois Lane
movie 1976 South of the Border as Andrea
movie 1976 The Winter of 1849 as Martha
movie 1975 Both Ways as Janet Wyman
movie 1975 Christy as Mark's Wife
movie 1975 Every Inch a Lady as Edna
movie 1975 Heavy Load as Phyllis
movie 1975 Keep on Truckin'
video movie 1975 Millions and Millions
movie 1975 Referral Service
movie 1975 Sex Fantasies
movie 1975 Sophie Says No
movie 1975 Summer Session as English Literature Professor
movie 1975 The Big Con as Hooker #1
movie 1975 The Charity Ball
movie 1975 The Wetter the Better
movie 1974 Chamber Maids as Sarah
movie 1974 Dance of Love as Lindy
movie 1974 Deep Throat Part II as Whacker Attacker
movie 1974 Doctor Feelgood
movie 1974 Doctor's Teenage Dilemma as Mrs. Goldfarb
movie 1974 Double Header as Blond Hooker
movie 1974 Exotic French Fantasies
movie 1974 Illusions of a Lady as Dr. Miranda Woolf
movie 1974 Lady on the Couch as Maggie
movie 1974 Lialeh as Blond Telephone Operator
movie 1974 Not Just Another Woman
movie 1974 Pleasure Cruise as Mrs. Nemo
movie 1974 Psyched for Sex
movie 1974 Sorceress
movie 1974 The Millionairess as Claire Lee
movie 1974 The Seduction of Lyn Carter as Lyn Carter
movie 1973 40 Carats as Extra
movie 1973 Big Thing as Alice
movie 1973 Devil's Due as Dawn
movie 1973 Fast Ball as Alison
movie 1973 Go Fly a Kite as Dr. Sphincter
movie 1973 Head Nurse
movie 1973 Hot Channels as Melinda
movie 1973 Hypnorotica
movie 1973 Madame Zenobia as Lucy
movie 1973 Over Sexposure
movie 1973 Prurient Interest
movie 1973 Road Service as Alice
movie 1973 Round Robin as Holly Blue
movie 1973 Sexual Freedom in the Ozarks as Dr. Margaret Weed
movie 1973 Switchcraft as Event Planner
movie 1973 The Russians Are Coming as Vicky
movie 1973 The Way We Were as Extra
movie 1972 Meatball as Helen Bed

Andrea True on Youtube

Late 70's Classic Andrea True Connection Great Song Vid.

Andrea True Andrea True (born July 26, 1943) is a former adult film star and singer from the disco era. In addition to her given na...

Andrea True - War machine - 1980 - War machine.

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