Andreas Schnaas

Andreas Schnaas (Born April 1, 1968) is a German director and actor, working exclusively in the horror genre. Since he first appeared on the film scene in 1989, Schnaas has become a leader in Germany's ultra-violent low-budget horror film industry. ... more on Wikipedia

Andreas Schnaas Filmography

movie 2015 Grimms Kinder
video movie 2014 A Crazy Country Christmas as Karl the Butcher
movie 2014 The 4th Reich as SS-Obersturmführer Willhelm
tv movie 2011 Faszination des Grauens - Neue Brutalität in Horrorfilmen as Himself
movie 2011 Tumors as Dr. Karl
movie 2011 Zombie Infection as Infection Victim
movie 2011 Unrated II: Scary as Hell
movie 2010 Karl the Butcher vs Axe as Karl the Butcher
movie 2010 Necronos as Snuff Dealer
movie 2010 Troma Is Spanish for Troma as Himself
movie 2009 Game Over
movie 2009 Unrated: The Movie as Karl the Butcher
movie 2008 Don't Wake the Dead
video movie 2007 Angel of Death 2 as The Butcher
video movie 2007 Fog²- Revenge of the Executed as Lighthousekeeper
movie 2003 Nikos the Impaler as Nikos
video movie 2003 Nikos: Behind the Screams as Himself
video movie 2003 Parts of the Family as Policeman
video movie 2001 Mutation 2 - Generation Dead as De Santoz
movie 2001 Demonium
video movie 2000 Dämonenbrut as Dämon 1
video movie 2000 Midnight's Calling
movie 1999 Anthropophagous 2000 as Nikos Karamanlis
video movie 1999 Diabolica as Security Guard
video movie 1999 Mutation as Mr. Desantoz
movie 1999 Violent Shit 3 - Infantry of Doom as Karl the Butcher
movie 1996 Goblet of Gore
movie 1992 Violent Shit II as Karl 'The Butcher' junior
movie 1991 Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence
movie 1989 Violent Shit as Karl the Butcher

Andreas Schnaas on Youtube

Director: Andreas Schnaas Stars: Andreas Schnaas, Marc Trinkhaus and Steve Aquilina Karl the Butcher continues his violence on an isolated island, but this t...

Film: Violent Shit 2: Mother Hold My Hand Director: Andreas Schnaas Year: 1992 Genrer: Splatter Country: Germany More info at:

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