Andrew Leckonby

Andrew Leckonby Filmography

movie 2012 Fractured Boy
movie 2012 Stephen Laws' 'The Secret'
movie 2012 The Bad Samaritan Must Die!
movie 2011 Repercussions (Redux 2011)
movie 2010 Liebesmaschine
video movie 2009 Repercussions
video movie 2009 Day of the Broken Dolls
movie 2007 Air
video movie 2005 The Door Stop

Andrew Leckonby on Youtube

10-minute short written and directed by Dave Cave.

14 year-old The Orphan only wants to meet the notorious vigilante The Bad Samaritan, but when she meets her idol he is not quite what she expected... A 50-mi.

This is the second trailer for the short film, which is based on a short story of the same title by award-winning author, Stephen Laws. He also stars in the ...

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