Andrew Sensenig

Andrew Sensenig Filmography

movie 2014 Bury Me as Daddy
movie 2014 Hoovey as Mike Roberts
movie 2014 In the Last Hours as Warren Daughtrey
movie 2014 Sorrow as Chief Gonzales
movie 2014 Texas Heart as Rocco
movie 2014 When the Storm God Rides as Silver City Bartender
movie 2014 White Creek as Earl Fishman
tv series 2014 Reckless as Patrick Donnelly
movie 2013 Alpha Mike Foxtrot as Patrick
movie 2013 Anomaly as Noel
movie 2013 Beyond the Farthest Star as Holden Bitner
movie 2013 Broken Blood as Sheriff Talley
movie 2013 Easy as Father
movie 2013 Pros and Cons: A Fantasy Football Movie
movie 2013 Red on Yella, Kill a Fella as Harvey
movie 2013 Solstice as Jackson's Father
movie 2013 Summer's Shadow as Mr. Knox
movie 2013 The Ali-wood Shuffle as Charlie
movie 2013 The Last Exorcism Part II as Doctor
movie 2013 The Null Set as Doctor Mendez
movie 2013 The Song as Wes Colborne
movie 2013 The Soul Gatherer as Dr. Frederick Barbarosa
movie 2013 Upstream Color as The Sampler
movie 2013 The Calm Before
movie 2012 A Baseball Love Story: The Texas Rangers as Tom Vandergriff
movie 2012 Are We Listening? as Doug
movie 2012 Cowgirls n' Angels as Mr. Mack
movie 2012 The Philly Kid as Larry
movie 2012 The Significant Other as Jim
movie 2012 You Became I: The War Within as District Captain Seren
movie 2011 51 as Dr. Keane
movie 2011 Flag of My Father as Ben
movie 2011 Raspberry Jam as Stephen McMurphy
movie 2011 Seconds Apart as Hirsute Priest
tv movie 2011 Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2011 as Budweiser Bartender
movie 2010 Dylan Dog: Dead of Night as Rosenberg
movie 2010 Earthling as John Tender
movie 2010 Legendary as Larry Edwards
movie 2010 Nine Dead as Parks
movie 2010 Paradise Recovered as David Sawyer
movie 2010 Pearl as George Carter Sr.
movie 2010 Possum Walk as Dr. Thompson
movie 2010 Terror Trap as Jonas Ruggins
movie 2010 The Next Door Neighbor as Principal Duncan
video movie 2009 Beyond Mercy as Steve
movie 2009 Bicycle Bobby as Dr. Clark
movie 2009 Hold as Ron
movie 2009 I Love You Phillip Morris as Screecher
movie 2009 Midgets Vs. Mascots as Andrew
movie 2009 St. Nick as The Father
movie 2008 All That Matters as Martin Taylor
movie 2008 Between Heaven and Hell as Jim McGill
movie 2008 Chapter 1: Life as Sargeant Frakes
video movie 2008 D.Town as Michael Sanders
movie 2008 Davy Crockett Battles Kung Fu Vampires as Davy Crockett
video movie 2008 Found & Lost as The Man
movie 2008 Mad Money as Cart Guy
movie 2008 Merrily, Merrily as Dad
movie 2008 Portrait of an American Family as David Peterson
movie 2008 Stalker's Dating Guide as Wendall
movie 2008 The Intruder as Mauro
video movie 2008 The Last Castrato
movie 2008 The Many Strange Stories of Triangle Woman as Dr. Lemm
movie 2008 W. as Texas Reporter #1
tv series 2008 Burasuraitâ as Additional Voices
movie 2007 Project Clear Visions: The Anthrax Conspiracy as Dr. Larry Ford
movie 2007 Snared Rapid as Jay Pritchard
movie 2007 To See a Man About a Horse as Jones
tv series 2007 Pink as Neal Brannock
movie 2006 G.D.M.F. as Bob Williams
movie Crimson Saints as Bryan Fischer
movie Focus as Dr. Harry McGurk
movie The Downwinders as Allen Black
movie Wonderkind as Roman Selinski

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