Andy T. Tran

Andy T. Tran Filmography

tv movie 2013 Reckless as Doctor
movie 2011 Almost Forgiven as The Doctor
movie 2011 Change for Me as Andy
movie 2011 Differences Between Men and Women as Phil
movie 2011 The Curse of Babylon as Dr. Kinsley
movie 2010 Corruption.Gov as Allen
movie 2010 Madame Crowbar as Master Chan
movie 2010 Now or Never as Henry
movie 2010 Post-Racial as Asian Rick
movie 2010 The Braverman Account as Jay
movie 2009 Frivolous Creatures as Malcolm
movie 2009 Intern Revolution as Ernesto
movie 2009 Senses as Agent 1
movie 2009 The Last Thing She Wanted as Vince
movie 2009 Unspeakable Act as Jack

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