Angela Oberer

Angela Oberer (born May 13, 1970) is an American actress. She was raised Springville, Utah. ... more on Wikipedia

Angela Oberer Filmography

movie 2014 Killing Winston Jones as Mrs. Centerwall
movie 2014 Virtuous as Dr. Galazini
movie 2013 Atlanta to New York as Waitress #2
movie 2012 Ain't No Girl Scout Cookies as Mary Clifton
movie 2011 Hurt as Sheribeth Gage MD.
movie 2011 Lovestruck Pancho as Police Dispatcher
movie 2011 On the Rocks as Kelly Davis
movie 2011 The Last Supper as Mara Winslow
movie 2011 Pulp Video
movie 2010 Make 'Em Laugh!
movie 2010 Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure as Roach
movie 2009 Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever as Ms. Hawker
movie 2009 Choosing Grace as Michelle Porter
movie 2009 Mandie and the Secret Tunnel as Etta Shaw
movie 2008 Speedland as Rachel
movie 2008 Will to Power as Kathryn's Mom
tv movie 2006 Haunted U.S.A.
video movie 2006 Passing Moment as Dottie Cline
movie 2006 Sorry Goodbye as Mother
movie 2006 The Ultimate Gift as Attorney
video movie 2006 Werewolves of Stayville as Karen

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Angela wins her debut fight on March 22, 2014.

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