Anik Rompre

Anik Rompre Filmography

movie 2014 Architect of Chaos as Terria
movie 2014 Homicycle as Wheelchair Goon
movie 2014 Spyfall as Spy
movie 2013 Attack of the Gorilla! as Ninja
video movie 2013 Avec toi as Participant
movie 2013 My Fair Zombie as Zombie
movie 2013 Stakeout as Alyson
movie 2013 The Last Mile as Car passenger
movie 2013 The Percy Harris Story as Cecilia
movie 2013 This Is the End? as Russian gambler
movie 2013 The Doll
video movie 2012 Back in My Time as Ninja
movie 2012 Black Betty as Betty
video movie 2012 I Can as Police Officer
video movie 2012 Kaïn - La tête en l'air as Participant
movie 2012 Lord of the Onion Rings as Wife
movie 2012 Photographs of the Dead as Ghost
movie 2012 Rise of the Black Bat as Mugging Victim
movie 2012 Zombies vs Love as Zombie Doctor
video movie 2012 Laisse-moi pas m'aimer tout seul
movie 2012 Science.. it's Still What We Do
movie 2012 Agent Beetle
movie 2012 Jurassic Shark
movie 2011 Cinderfella as Pregnant Lady
movie 2011 Devil's Candy as Crackhead
movie 2011 Kenneyville as Kenneyville Local
movie 2011 The Window as Nurse
movie 2011 Thunderstorm: The Return of Thor as Prostitute
movie 2011 Balance
movie 2010 Avenging Force: The Scarab as Machine Gun Thug
movie 2010 Rockland as Passerby
movie 2010 Till Death as Wife
tv movie 2009 A Sister's Secret as Bar patron
tv movie 2009 My Neighbor's Secret as Restaurant patron
tv movie 2008 A Teacher's Crime as Friend of Carrie Ryans
tv movie 2008 Dead at 17 as Restaurant Patron
tv movie 2008 Her Only Child as Passerby
tv movie 2007 Custody as Art Gallery Patron
movie The Scarecrow Club as Russian Reporter

Anik Rompre on Youtube

Rough cut only... !

Detective Gregson sits down with a young female victim trying investigate of what happened of her incident. Evolution Destiny Motion Pictures Director:James ...

Quick trailer for the short film entitled "The Doll" filmed on the weekend of March 9th, 2012. Fun shoot as usual! Thanks everyone! :)

Detective Gregson sits down with one of the victim and investigate of her incident. Company: Evolution Destiny Motion Pictures Directed By: James Dysayon Pro.