Annie Kim

Annie Kim Filmography

movie 2011 Allison Clemens
movie 2010 A Token of the Wreckage as Powder Room Girl
movie 2007 The Man Under the Tree
movie 2006 First Sight
tv series 2003 Endurance 2 as Purple Team

Annie Kim on Youtube

WATCH IN HD :) Daniel Lee - Vocals & Guitar - Charles Chan - audio recording/mixing/mastering, video filming/post ...

Annie Kim - Vocals Charles Chan - audio recording/mixing, video filming/post production.

Exclusive trailer - College - Les Automates Directed, filmed and edited by: Charles Lanceplaine Produced by: Valerie Records Producer/Fixer: Clark Wang 2nd ...

Sorry my video doesn't seem to come out of the left speakers. ha ha just listen with the right headphones or speakers :) click here see my other singing vide...