Anthony Spinelli

Anthony Spinelli was a pornographic film director. He was born Samuel Weinstein on February 21, 1927 in Cleveland, Ohio, and died on May 29, 2000. ... more on Wikipedia

Anthony Spinelli Filmography

video movie 2003 All Natural 11
video movie 2001 All Natural 9
video movie 2001 Asses in the Air
video movie 2001 Asses in the Air 2
video movie 2001 Asses in the Air 3
video movie 2001 Blue Jean Blondes
video movie 2001 Blue Jean Blondes 3
video movie 2001 Rub the Muff 3
video movie 2001 White Panty Chronicles 18
video movie 2000 All Natural 3
video movie 2000 All Natural 6
video movie 2000 All Natural 7
video movie 2000 Anal University 4
video movie 2000 Anal University 5
video movie 2000 Anal University 7
video movie 2000 Girls School
video movie 2000 The Backdoor Bradys
video movie 1999 Anal University 2
video movie 1997 Dirty Weekend
video movie 1997 Gang Bang Bitches 13
video movie 1996 Gang Bang Bitches 7: Rachel Love a Go-Go Gang Bang
video movie 1996 Pump-House Slut
video movie 1995 A Rear and Pleasant Danger
video movie 1995 A Woman Scorned
video movie 1995 Beeping Miss Buffy
video movie 1995 Careless
video movie 1995 Flexxx 3
video movie 1995 Flexxx 4
video movie 1995 Plumb and Dumber
video movie 1995 The Star
video movie 1995 Whackers
video movie 1994 Caged Beauty
video movie 1994 Style 2
video movie 1994 Tits a Wonderful Life
video movie 1994 Double Load 2
video movie 1994 Girl's School
video movie 1994 Hard Squeeze
video movie 1994 In the Bush
video movie 1994 Perplexed
video movie 1994 Pulp Friction
video movie 1994 Reel People 5
video movie 1994 Revenge of the Pussy Suckers from Mars
video movie 1994 The Face
video movie 1993 The Bashful Blonde from Beautiful Bendover
video movie 1993 Bigtown
video movie 1993 Cliff Banger
video movie 1993 County Line
video movie 1993 More Than a Handful 2
video movie 1993 Princess Orgasma and the Magic Bed
video movie 1993 Secret Services
video movie 1993 The Frat Girl of Double D
video movie 1992 Batwoman & Catgirl
video movie 1992 Endangered
video movie 1992 Main Street, U.S.A.
video movie 1992 One in a Million
video movie 1992 Supermarket Babes in Heat
video movie 1992 Surfer Girl
video movie 1992 The Party
video movie 1992 Wacs
movie 1992 White Men Can Hump
video movie 1991 The All American Girl
video movie 1991 Acts of Confession
video movie 1991 Debbie Does Wall Street
video movie 1991 Frankie and Joanie
movie 1991 Indiscretions
video movie 1991 Lust for Love
video movie 1991 Made in Heaven
video movie 1991 The Starlet
movie 1990 Sizzle
video movie 1990 Vegas 2: Snake Eyes
video movie 1990 Kelly
video movie 1990 Married Women
movie 1990 Portrait of a Nymph
movie 1990 Sweat 2
video movie 1990 True Sin
movie 1990 Adultery
video movie 1990 Catalina Five-0: Sabotage
video movie 1990 Catalina Five-0: Tiger Shark
video movie 1990 Catalina Five-0: Treasure Island
video movie 1990 Catalina Five-0: Undercover
video movie 1990 Catalina Five-0: White Coral, Blue Death
movie 1990 Hands Off
movie 1990 Nasty Girls 2
movie 1990 Never Enough
movie 1990 Sexual Intent
movie 1990 Sexual Relations
movie 1990 The Last Condom
movie 1989 Cool Sheets
movie 1989 Logical Conclusion
movie 1989 The Penthouse
movie 1989 A Sexual Obsession
video movie 1988 Portrait of an Affair as Man in Bar
movie 1988 Classic Pics
movie 1988 Dirty Laundry
movie 1988 Expert Tease
movie 1987 No One to Love
video movie 1987 Playboy: Bedtime Stories
video movie 1987 The Insatiable Hyapatia Lee
video movie 1986 All for His Ladies as Himself
video movie 1986 The Red Garter
video movie 1986 And I Do Windows... Too!
movie 1986 I Wanna Be a Bad Girl
video movie 1986 Sweat
movie 1986 Ecstasy
video movie 1986 Slip Into Ginger and Amber
video movie 1985 A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards as Himself - Presenter
movie 1985 For Love and Lust
movie 1985 Talk Dirty to Me One More Time
movie 1984 Reel People as Himself
movie 1984 More Reel People, Part 2
movie 1984 Rebecca's
video movie 1984 Spectators
movie 1983 Skin on Skin as J.J.'s Father
movie 1983 Dixie Ray Hollywood Star
movie 1981 Between the Sheets as Voice of the Bed
movie 1981 Exposed as Max Green
movie 1981 Nothing to Hide as Herbie
movie 1981 Vista Valley PTA
movie 1981 Aunt Peg's Fulfillment
movie 1981 The Dancers
movie 1980 Talk Dirty to Me as Herbie
movie 1980 Aunt Peg
movie 1980 High School Memories
movie 1980 Hotline
movie 1980 Sunny Days
movie 1979 China Sisters as Man on Tape Recorder
movie 1978 Easy as Man in Bar
movie 1978 SexWorld
movie 1978 The First Time
movie 1977 Confessions
movie 1977 Expectations
movie 1977 Oriental Baby Sitter
movie 1976 Night Caller as Policeman at Door
movie 1976 A Portrait of Seduction
movie 1976 Cry for Cindy
movie 1974 Sexual Insanity as Narrator
movie 1974 The Seduction of Lyn Carter
movie 1973 AWOL
movie 1973 Suckula
movie 1972 Diary of a Bed as The Bed
movie 1972 Acts of Confession
movie 1972 Strangers
movie 1972 Niccole... The Story of 'O'
movie 1972 Sex in the Comics
movie 1971 Journal of Love as Dr. Mariner
movie 1971 Sexual Therapist as Doctor
movie 1971 Diary of a Nymph
movie 1971 Touch Me
movie 1964 One Potato, Two Potato as Johnny Hruska
movie 1964 The Patsy as Man on Phone
movie 1958 Gun Fever
tv series 1949 Captain Video and His Video Rangers as Ensign Tubbs

Anthony Spinelli on Youtube

I have a confession ladies and gentlemen. Today marks the first Vinegar Syndrome release to be featured on MS. How has it taken me so long to get around to t.

DVD now available at, and pretty much everywhere else! Two forgotten B-pictures from one of the X rated film world's most talented ...

Directed by the great Anthony Spinelli, this adult take-off of "Harper Valley PTA" stars Jessie St. James (or Jesie, depending on who was doing the credits t...

Anthony Spinelli comes with some jokes that are fresh out of the pacman jones video. You got to do it get it to you.