Ari Bavel

Ari Bavel Filmography

movie 2012 Finding John Smith as Dr. Steven Paige
movie 2012 High Stakes as The Bouncer
movie 2011 Barren as Police Officer
movie 2011 Hell Week as Policeman
movie 2010 AIR: The Musical as Security Guard #1
movie 2010 Get Off My Porch as Bert
movie 2010 Paragon as Tiberius Carr
movie 2010 Play On as Wally
movie 2010 The Apology Dance as Big Mike
movie 2010 Time's Up, Eve as Dennis
movie 2009 Deep River as Freddie 'The Shark' D'Angelo
movie 2009 Do Not Disturb as Detective 1
movie 2009 Shadow Falls Memorial as Richard Willis
movie 2008 Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula as Older Moonshiner
movie 2008 Rigged as Hank the Barkeep
movie 2008 The Donor as Nigel
video movie 2007 Behind the Scenes: The Empty Acre as Himself
movie 2007 Finding Harmony as Frank
movie 2007 Merriman's Circle as Police Officer 1
video movie 2007 Shadow Falls: An Interview as Himself
movie 2007 The Empty Acre as Police Chief Jefferson
movie 2007 The Fluff as Sgt. Buck Mahoney
movie 2006 Bad Apples as Teacher
movie 2006 Change of Life as Det. Sutton
movie 2006 The Thing About Bannon's Lookout as Unfortunate fellow
movie 2006 Zero the Counter as Bouncer
video movie 2005 Slaughter Party as Guy Getting Beat up
movie 2005 Song of the Dead as General Rummash
video movie 2003 Imprudence as The Cop
video movie 2003 Zombiegeddon as Cage
movie 2002 Mob Daze as Bad Cop
movie 2000 Catacombs as Dr. Titus West
video movie 2000 Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon as Behemoth Zombie
video movie 1999 Cannibal Cult as Lucifer Allen Ford

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Bonnie is a horror nymph! Now this is what's called a neat genre-mashup. When gangsters meet vampires, there's bloody hell to pay... Coming to theatres on Ma ...

Charles Messina, Ari Bavel are bad boy cops fighting zombies including KICK champ Nick "The Punisher" Phillips.

BUY NOW: Directed by Chris Watson (2005) Starring Mark Adams, Ari Bavel, Uwe Boll ...

Hes made of belly button fluff!