Arielle Brachfeld

Arielle Brachfeld Filmography

movie 2015 The Retreat as Kate Daniels
movie 2014 Adam K as Janice Parson
movie 2014 Carina's Revenge as Carina Stewart
movie 2014 Forced to Fight as Jane
movie 2014 Live-In Fear as Mallory
movie 2014 Reunion as Nurse Sandra
movie 2014 The Coffee Shop in the Valley as Stacey Freilich
movie 2013 Axeman at Cutter's Creek as Deputy Darlene Whitfield
movie 2013 Beyond Sunset and Sunrise as Lula Fortune
movie 2013 Blue Dream as Greta Thissel
movie 2013 Chemical Peel as Angela
movie 2013 InSpectres as Mary
movie 2013 Manicured as Rachel
movie 2013 Spark as Evey
movie 2013 The Adventures of Normal Beans as Myra
movie 2013 Woodland Heights as Jane
movie 2013 Big Ass Spider
movie 2012 Love: As You Like It as Audrey
movie 2012 The Haunting of Whaley House as Vanessa Dane
tv series 2012 Wedding Band as Unzipped Irish Brisdesmaid
movie 2011 American Nudist
movie 2011 Blood Effects as Sophie
movie 2011 Love, Gloria as Director's Assistant
movie 2011 Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective as Alison
tv series 2011 The Car Show as Herself
video movie 2010 Candy for Kali as Kelly
video movie 2010 Evil Deeds 2 as Jonas' Girlfriend
movie 2009 Birthday as Margie
movie 2009 Project Ius: The Mystery of Iniquity as Katie
movie 2009 The House That Jack Built as Gail
movie 2007 Return of the Ghostbusters as April Hunter
movie 2006 The Denver Ninja Posse as Samantha
movie 2005 Indie Film Adventures as French Woman

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