Armando Merlo

Armando Merlo Filmography

movie 2013 Please Say a Command as Gaby
tv series 2013 Two Sides of Love as Rob
movie 2012 The Children of Hip Hop as John
movie 2011 Beginning in the End as George
movie 2011 Walking Maris' Way as Izzy Cobon
movie 2010 Free Country as Todd
movie 2010 Speed of Love as Eric
movie 2009 Nacho Mountain as Coopy
movie 2008 Saveta's Gift as Gypsy
movie Living in a B-world as Ahmed

Armando Merlo on Youtube

Watch the 60 second trailer of the movie "Free Country" starring Steve Monarque and Armando Merlo.

Meet Joanne. Featuring Matt Mello & Armando Merlo.

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