Arnold Gray

Arnold Gray Filmography

movie 1937 High Hat as Performer
movie 1936 F-Man as No. 97
movie 1936 Parole! as Secretary
movie 1936 Too Many Parents as Trustee
movie 1935 Death Flies East as Air Line Clerk
movie 1935 Forced Landing as Reservation Clerk
movie 1935 I've Been Around as Waiter
movie 1935 Let 'em Have It as Federal Agent
movie 1935 Love Me Forever as Polo Player
movie 1935 Princess O'Hara as Dress Man
movie 1935 Private Worlds as Clarkson
movie 1935 She as Priest
movie 1935 The Nut Farm as Eustace Van Norton, Holland's Actor
movie 1935 The Spanish Cape Mystery as Leslie Court
movie 1934 Finishing School as Desk Clerk
movie 1934 Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen as Friend of Miss Fane
movie 1934 Name the Woman as Reporter
movie 1934 One Exciting Adventure as Minor Role
movie 1934 Take the Stand
movie 1934 The Defense Rests as Minor Role
movie 1934 The Hell Cat as Polo Player
movie 1934 The Love Captive
movie 1934 The Most Precious Thing in Life as Registrar
movie 1934 Twentieth Century as Stage Actor
movie 1933 King Kong as Reporter
movie 1933 The Phantom Broadcast as Grant Murdock
movie 1932 Bird of Paradise as Walker
movie 1932 Doubling in the Quickies as Minor Role
movie 1932 Pride of the Legion as Officer Jones
movie 1932 The Dentist as Arthur the Iceman
movie 1932 The Lost Squadron as Tall Actor in War Film
movie 1932 The Most Dangerous Game as Passenger on Yacht
movie 1928 Fangs of Fate as Arnold Barcklay
movie 1927 The Slingshot Kid as Foreman
movie 1926 The Flame of the Yukon as George Fowler
movie 1926 The Old Soak as Shelly Hawley
movie 1926 The Power of the Weak
movie 1926 The Skyrocket as Stanley Craig
movie 1926 West of Broadway as Bruce Elwood
movie 1921 Just Outside the Door as Dick Wheaton
movie 1921 Ladies Must Live as Ned Klegg
movie 1920 Love's Protegé as Larry Armond
movie 1920 The Broken Gate as Dieudonne 'Don' Lane
movie 1920 The Line Runners
movie 1920 White Youth as Burton Striker

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