Arthur Bauer

Arthur Bauer Filmography

movie 1919 Love and the Law as Adolf Bauerle
movie 1917 Arms and the Girl as Burgomaster
movie 1917 Her Life and His as Undetermined Role
movie 1917 Hinton's Double as Mr. Gray
movie 1917 Pots-and-Pans Peggy as Million Dollar Deane
movie 1917 The Candy Girl
movie 1917 The Image Maker as Maxon
movie 1917 The Vicar of Wakefield as Mr. Wilmot
movie 1917 The Woman and the Beast as Undetermined Role
movie 1917 The Woman in White as Count Fosco
movie 1917 War and the Woman as Commander of Invading Army
movie 1916 Brothers Equal as The Retired Trader
movie 1916 Hidden Valley as The Ostrich Feather Importer
movie 1916 Pete's Persian Princess as Mark Millions - Millionaire
movie 1916 The Black Terror
movie 1916 The Net as Mysterious Girl's Former Employer
movie 1916 The Nymph as The Nymph's Uncle
movie 1916 The Oval Diamond as Major Dennison
movie 1916 The Woman in Politics as Mayor Glynn
movie 1915 A Maker of Guns as Martin Wright - the Father
movie 1915 Bianca Forgets
movie 1915 Dot on the Day Line Boat as Ridgeway Parks
movie 1915 Fashion and the Simple Life
movie 1915 God's Witness as Gen. Darrington
movie 1915 Graft vs. Love as Asylum Superintendent
movie 1915 His Majesty, the King as The Commandant
movie 1915 In the Jury Room as Arthur Graves
movie 1915 John T. Rocks and the Flivver as John D. Gray - Watson's Boss
movie 1915 Milestones of Life as John Pomeroy
movie 1915 Outcasts of Society
movie 1915 Reincarnation
movie 1915 Snapshots as George Waite - Banker
movie 1915 The Adventure of Florence as Dr. Ward
movie 1915 The Country Girl as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Duel in the Dark as John Gregory
movie 1915 The Finger Prints of Fate as The Slayer's Accomplice
movie 1915 The Gratitude of Conductor 786 as Superintendent
movie 1915 The Heart of the Princess Marsari
movie 1915 The Last Concert as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Mill on the Floss as Lawyer Wakem
movie 1915 The Moment of Sacrifice as Colonel Darrell
movie 1915 The Picture of Dorian Gray
movie 1915 The Price of Her Silence as The sisters' father
movie 1915 The Refugee as The German Nobleman
movie 1915 The Six-Cent Loaf
movie 1915 The Stolen Anthurium
movie 1915 The Substitute
movie 1915 The Vagabonds as Grossbeck Upham
movie 1915 Which Shall It Be? as Mr. Kenniston
movie 1914 A Debut in the Secret Service as Pfaff - a German Agent
movie 1914 A Dog's Love as Helen's father
movie 1914 A Leak in the Foreign Office as Colonel Pfaff - Secret Agent for Germany
movie 1914 A Messenger of Gladness as Sims - a Successful Rival
movie 1914 A Mohammedan Conspiracy as Shekh Elema
movie 1914 Adrift in a Great City as The Doctor
movie 1914 Cardinal Richelieu's Ward as Joseph
movie 1914 From the Flames as Mr. Gray - an Aged Millionaire
movie 1914 From the Shadows as Mr. Vandewater
movie 1914 Getting Rid of Algy as A Trunk Dealer
movie 1914 His Reward
movie 1914 In Danger's Hour as Travis - the Twins' Father
movie 1914 In Peril's Path
movie 1914 Joseph in the Land of Egypt as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 Mother's Choice as Lehnberg - Anna's Husband
movie 1914 Pawns of Fate as Mr. Raleigh - Chief Clerk
movie 1914 Percy's First Holiday as Gray
movie 1914 The Cat's Paw as Pfaff
movie 1914 The Cripple as Ruth's Father
movie 1914 The Dancer as The Villainous Stage Manager
movie 1914 The Guiding Hand as James Stevens
movie 1914 The Harlow Handicap as Arthur Mower
movie 1914 The Infant Heart Snatcher as Charles - 3rd Old Bachelor
movie 1914 The Man Without Fear as John Sinclair - a Banker
movie 1914 The Million Dollar Mystery
movie 1914 The Miser's Reversion as The Scientist
movie 1914 The Musician's Daughter
movie 1914 The Purse and the Girl
movie 1914 The Rescue as Mr. Sinclair
movie 1914 The Runaway Princess as The King
movie 1914 The Sacrifice
movie 1914 The Somnambulist as Frank - the Night Clerk
movie 1914 The Stolen Ore
movie 1914 The Substitute as Dr. Stanley
movie 1914 The Turning of the Road as The Doctor
movie 1914 The Varsity Race as Prof. Randall
movie 1914 Their Cousin from England as Gray - a Wealthy Suburbanite
movie 1914 Turkey Trot Town as Captain of Police
movie 1914 Was She Right in Forgiving Him? as The Doctor
movie 1913 Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight as Oliver Cromwell
movie 1913 His Imaginary Family as The Uncle
movie 1913 The Head Waiter as James, the Head Waiter
movie 1913 The Law of Humanity as Mr. Brown, Pat's Employer
movie 1913 The Top of New York as An Office Clerk
movie 1913 What Might Have Been as A Policeman

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When attorney Mike Marchetti investigates a murder, he finds evidence of a high-level cover-up in the Oklahoma City bombing . . . and runs head-on into his o...

Arthur Bauer in der Abtei Pontigny im Burgund.

Arthur (10 Monate) hat Spass beim Füttern ArthurBauer donrustico.

Milan und Arthur Bauer amüsieren sich auf der Schaukel.