Arthur Edmund Carewe

Arthur Edmund Carewe (December 30, 1884 ? April 22, 1937), was an Armenian-American actor in the silent and early sound film era. ... more on Wikipedia

Arthur Edmund Carewe Filmography

movie 1938 Personality Parade as Himself
movie 1936 Charlie Chan's Secret as Professor Bowen
movie 1935 Thunder in the Night as Professor Omega
movie 1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum as Sparrow - Professor Darcy
movie 1932 Doctor X as Dr. Rowitz
movie 1931 Captain Applejack as Ivan Borolsky, aka Jim
movie 1931 God's Gift to Women as Dr. Louis Dumont
movie 1931 The Gay Diplomat as Suave Man
movie 1930 Sweet Kitty Bellairs as Capt. Spicer
movie 1930 The Matrimonial Bed as Dr. Fried
movie 1927 A Man's Past as Lieutenant Destin
movie 1927 The Cat and the Canary as Harry
movie 1927 The Claw as Major Anthony Kinsella
movie 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin as George Harris
movie 1926 Diplomacy as Count Orloff
movie 1926 The Silent Lover as Captain Herault
movie 1926 Torrent as Salvatti
movie 1926 Volcano as Maurice Séquineau
movie 1925 A Lover's Oath as Prince Yussuf
movie 1925 The Boomerang as Poulet
movie 1925 The Only Thing as Gigberto
movie 1925 The Phantom of the Opera as Ledoux
movie 1924 Sandra as Henri La Flamme
movie 1924 The Price of a Party as Kenneth Bellwood
movie 1923 Daddy as Paul Savelli
movie 1923 Refuge as Prince Ferdinand
movie 1923 The Song of Love as Ramlika
movie 1923 The Ten Commandments as Israelite Slave
movie 1923 Trilby as Svengali
movie 1922 His Wife's Husband as John Brainerd
movie 1922 My Old Kentucky Home as 'Con' Arnold
movie 1922 The Ghost Breaker as Duke d'Alba
movie 1922 The Prodigal Judge as Col. Fentress
movie 1921 Bar Nothing as Stinson
movie 1921 Her Mad Bargain as Grant Lewis
movie 1921 Sham as Bolton
movie 1921 The Easy Road as Heminway
movie 1921 The Mad Marriage as Christiansen
movie 1920 Burning Daylight as Arthur Howison
movie 1920 Children of Destiny as Count Di Varesi
movie 1920 Rio Grande as Don Jose Alvarado
movie 1920 The Breath of the Gods as Prince Hagane
movie 1920 The Palace of Darkened Windows as The Rajah
movie 1919 Bonnie Bonnie Lassie as Archibald Loveday
movie 1919 Dangerous Waters as Victor DeLara
movie 1919 Daughter of Mine as Joseph Rayberg
movie 1919 Girls as Wilbur Searles
movie 1919 Romance and Arabella as Claude Estabrook
movie 1919 The Rescuing Angel
movie 1919 The World and Its Woman as Count Alix Voronassof
movie 1919 Venus in the East as Middy Knox

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Starring: Lon Chaney Sr. Mary Philbin Norman Kerry Arthur Edmund Carewe.

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