Arthur Lipsett

Arthur Lipsett (May 13, 1936 ? May 1, 1986) was a Canadian avant-garde director of short experimental films. ... more on Wikipedia

Arthur Lipsett Filmography

movie 2006 Remembering Arthur as Himself
movie 1970 N-Zone
movie 1969 Fluxes
movie 1968 North
movie 1967 Imperial Sunset
movie 1967 The Invention of the Adolescent
movie 1966 The Continuing Past
movie 1965 A Trip Down Memory Lane
movie 1965 Animal Altruism
movie 1965 Animals and Psychology
movie 1965 Fear and Horror
movie 1965 Perceptual Learning
movie 1965 The Puzzle of Pain
movie 1965 Regards sur l'occultisme (1re partie) - Magie et miracles
movie 1965 Regards sur l'occultisme (2e partie) - Science et esprits
movie 1964 Free Fall
movie 1964 21-87
movie 1963 Experimental Film
movie 1962 À Saint-Henri le cinq septembre
movie 1961 Very Nice, Very Nice
movie 1960 Hors-d'oeuvre

Arthur Lipsett on Youtube

Download or Rent the film at Taking the form of a personal journal, Theodore Ushevs Lipsett Diaries is a journey into the tormented life of the br...

(1961). The first short film by the great Canadian avant-garde artist Arthur Lipsett. Using scraps of film he found on the cutting room floor, he put this wo...

Trailer for "Remembering Arthur", a documentary film about the Canadian experimental filmmaker Arthur Lipsett. Producers: Dennis Mohr and Amelia Does.

Oscar nominated short film of 1962.