Arthur Mackley

Arthur Mackley (3 July 1865 ? 21 December 1926) was an English actor and director of the silent era. He appeared in 151 films between 1910 and 1925. He also directed 64 films between 1911 and 1915. ... more on Wikipedia

Arthur Mackley Filmography

movie 1925 The Hurricane Kid as Col. Langdon
movie 1923 Shootin' for Love as Sheriff Bludsoe
movie 1921 Devil Dog Dawson
movie 1920 The Sheriff's Oath
movie 1919 Loot as Detective Tyron
movie 1919 The Crow
movie 1919 The Feud as William Lynch
movie 1917 The Honor System as Steven Holt
movie 1916 Pique as Dymple
movie 1916 All Over a Stocking
movie 1915 After Twenty Years
movie 1915 God Is Love as Dad Bartlett
movie 1915 The Deputy's Chance That Won
movie 1915 The Express Messenger
movie 1915 The Girl He Brought Home as His brother
movie 1915 The Job and the Jewels as The Detective
movie 1915 The Lady of Dreams as Bobby's Brother
movie 1915 The Silent Witness
movie 1915 The Terror of the Mountains as Dan Melton
movie 1915 A Mother's Justice
movie 1915 Bubbling Water
movie 1915 The Boundary Line
movie 1915 The Race Love
movie 1915 The Ten O'Clock Boat
movie 1915 Your Baby and Mine
movie 1914 A Lucky Disappointment as Traveling Tinker
movie 1914 Bad Man Mason as The Sheriff
movie 1914 Dad's Outlaws
movie 1914 Dan Morgan's Way as The Sheriff
movie 1914 Every Man Has His Price
movie 1914 For the Sake of Kate as Sheriff Jennings
movie 1914 Izzy, the Operator as The Landlord
movie 1914 Out of the Deputy's Hands as Deputy Sheriff Martin
movie 1914 Sheriff for an Hour as The Sheriff
movie 1914 The Angel of the Gulch as Ruffian Pete
movie 1914 The Badge of Office as The Old Sheriff
movie 1914 The Cowboy's Chicken Dinner as The Ranch Owner
movie 1914 The Deputy Sheriff's Star as Old Dan Holton - the Sheriff
movie 1914 The Hidden Message as The Sheriff
movie 1914 The Lucky Shot
movie 1914 The Message as Steve
movie 1914 The Miner's Baby
movie 1914 The Miner's Peril as The Sheriff
movie 1914 The Return of Cal Clauson as The Sheriff
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Choice
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Master as Pete - the Sheriff
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Prisoner
movie 1914 The Stolen Ore
movie 1914 The Widow's Children as The Superintendant
movie 1914 They Never Knew
movie 1914 The Forest Thieves
movie 1914 The Joke on Yellentown
movie 1914 The Stiletto
movie 1913 A Montana Mix-Up as Mr. Mackay
movie 1913 A Widow of Nevada as Jim Ryder
movie 1913 Across the Great Divide as The Sheriff
movie 1913 Old Gorman's Gal as Old Gorman, Dorothy's Father
movie 1913 The Call of the Plains as Bud Wheeler
movie 1913 The Daughter of the Sheriff as Sam Morley, the Sheriff
movie 1913 The Housekeeper of Circle C as The Rancher
movie 1913 The Life We Live as Joe Mackley
movie 1913 The Miner's Request as Davis, the Miner
movie 1913 The New Sheriff as Daffy Blinton, the New Sheriff
movie 1913 The Ranch Girl's Partner as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Ranchman's Blunder as Jed Mackeley
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Child as Tom Mackley - the Sheriff
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Honeymoon as Sheriff Tom McCarthy
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Son as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Story as Sheriff Coverdale
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Wife as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Story the Desert Told as Sheriff Mackley
movie 1913 The Two Ranchmen as Joe Churchill - Ranchman
movie 1913 The Western Law That Failed as The Rancher
movie 1913 Two Western Paths as John Lynch - the Sheriff
movie 1913 Where the Mountains Meet as Dad Melton
movie 1913 Days of the Pony Express
movie 1912 A Child of the West as The Sheriff
movie 1912 A Moonshiner's Heart as Seth Stevens
movie 1912 A Ranch Widower's Daughters as Old Perkins - the Widower
movie 1912 A Road Agent's Love as John Mackley
movie 1912 A Romance of the West as Sheriff Williams
movie 1912 A Story of Montana as Clayton
movie 1912 A Wife of the Hills as The Sheriff
movie 1912 A Woman of Arizona as Jim Hardy
movie 1912 Alkali Ike Bests Broncho Billy as Ben
movie 1912 Alkali Ike Plays the Devil
movie 1912 Alkali Ike's Boarding House
movie 1912 Alkali Ike's Bride as Man
movie 1912 An Indian's Friendship
movie 1912 Broncho Billy and the Bandits as The Storekeeper
movie 1912 Broncho Billy and the Indian Maid as Laughing Fawn's Father
movie 1912 Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistress as Stage Driver
movie 1912 Broncho Billy for Sheriff as Jim Dunn
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Heart as Silas Jordan
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Last Hold-Up as The Stage Driver
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Mexican Wife as Pietro
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Narrow Escape as Ben Martin
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Pal as Sheriff Craig
movie 1912 Love on Tough Luck Ranch as Parsons
movie 1912 On the Moonlight Trail as Jim Murray
movie 1912 The Bandit's Child as A Blacksmith
movie 1912 The Cattle King's Daughter as The Cattle King
movie 1912 The Dance at Silver Gulch as Ranchman Graham
movie 1912 The Dead Man's Claim as The Prospector
movie 1912 The Deputy and the Girl as The Sheriff
movie 1912 The Indian and the Child as Jake Willis
movie 1912 The Little Sheriff as Sheriff Jim Watson
movie 1912 The Loafer as Joe Simmons - the Town Loafer
movie 1912 The Loafer's Mother as Phillips
movie 1912 The Mother of the Ranch as Dan Hart
movie 1912 The Oath of His Office
movie 1912 The Outlaw's Sacrifice as Jim Barton
movie 1912 The Prospector as Sam Dunn
movie 1912 The Ranch Girl's Mistake as Morgan - Nan's Father
movie 1912 The Ranch Girl's Trial as The Judge
movie 1912 The Ranchman's Anniversary as Jake Simpson
movie 1912 The Ranchman's Trust as Jim Boulder - the Ranchman
movie 1912 The Sheriff and His Man as Sheriff Matthews
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Inheritance as The Sheriff
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Luck as The Sheriff
movie 1912 The Shotgun Ranchman as Jake Nixon
movie 1912 The Smuggler's Daughter as Silas Gregg, the Smuggler
movie 1912 Widow Jenkins' Admirers
movie 1912 Curiosity
movie 1912 The Boss of the Katy Mine
movie 1911 A Cattle Rustler's Father as Old Man Pritchard
movie 1911 A Frontier Doctor as A Frontier Doctor
movie 1911 A Pal's Oath as The Doctor
movie 1911 A Western Girl's Sacrifice as Fight promoter
movie 1911 A Western Redemption as John Harris
movie 1911 Across the Plains as Jennie's Father
movie 1911 Alkali Ike's Auto as Man in Apron
movie 1911 Broncho Billy's Adventure as Hotel Keeper
movie 1911 Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinner as Sheriff
movie 1911 Forgiven in Death as Katy's Father
movie 1911 Outwitting Papa as Colonel Walker
movie 1911 Spike Shannon's Last Fight as The Fight Promoter
movie 1911 The Bad Man's First Prayer
movie 1911 The Border Ranger
movie 1911 The Bunco Game at Lizardhead
movie 1911 The Cattleman's Daughter as Jim Brown
movie 1911 The Corporation and the Ranch Girl as H. Todds
movie 1911 The Count and the Cowboys
movie 1911 The Desert Claim as Jim Lee
movie 1911 The Faithful Indian
movie 1911 The Forester's Plea as Henry Carter
movie 1911 The Girl of the West
movie 1911 The Hidden Mine as William Hart
movie 1911 The Indian Maiden's Lesson as Jack Beardsley
movie 1911 The Infant at Snakeville
movie 1911 The Lucky Card
movie 1911 The Outlaw and the Child as The Sheriff
movie 1911 The Outlaw Samaritan as Detective Clarington
movie 1911 The Ranchman's Son
movie 1911 The Romance on 'Bar O' as Walton - The Rancher
movie 1911 The Sheriff's Brother as The Sheriff
movie 1911 The Stage Driver's Daughter as William Lacey - Alice's Father
movie 1911 The Strike at the Little Jonny Mine as J.C. Phillips
movie 1911 The Two Fugitives
movie 1911 The Two Reformations
movie 1911 The Two-Gun Man as Dan Hicks - the Squatter
movie 1911 Town Hall, Tonight
movie 1911 Papa's Letter
movie 1910 A Gambler of the West
movie 1910 A Westerner's Way as The Sheriff
movie 1910 Hank and Lank: As Sandwich Men as The Restaurant Manager
movie 1910 Patricia of the Plains as Sheriff Dixon
movie 1910 The Bad Man's Christmas Gift
movie 1910 The Masquerade Cop
movie 1910 The Silent Message as Jeff Sanders - the Fugitive
movie 1910 The Tenderfoot Messenger
movie 1910 The Tout's Remembrance

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