Arthur Peterson

Arthur Peterson Filmography

movie 1977 Rollercoaster as Owner #4
tv movie 1977 The Spell as Ross
tv movie 1976 The Rear Guard as Mr. Muldoon
movie 1975 At Long Last Love as George
tv movie 1972 Adventures of Nick Carter as Coroner
movie 1972 The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid as Jefferson Jones
movie 1968 Targets as Ed Loughlin
movie 1968 The Young Animals as Principal Wilson
movie 1968 Yours, Mine and Ours as Priest
movie 1964 Invitation to a Gunfighter as Schoop
movie 1964 One Man's Way as Instructor
movie 1961 Return to Peyton Place as Selectman Seth
tv series 1949 That's O'Toole as Tinker O'Toole
tv series 1949 The Crisis as The Director
movie 1948 Call Northside 777 as Keeler's Polygraph Assistant

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