Asaf Livni

Asaf Livni Filmography

tv series 2002 Chunt Lee
tv movie 2000 The Making of 'Ha-Hesder'
movie 1999 Unmask

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a nother episode from Asaf Livni And Nir Waxman.

Israeli kung fu spoof by Asaf livny & Nir Waxman indipendent director, editor, filmographer: Asaf livni editor, actor, choriographer: Nir Waxman.

Directed by: Asaf Livni במאי: אסף לבני DP: Avi Koren צלם: אבי קורן Editor: Mook עריכה: מוק.

a trippy english lesson for israeli children. the first creation of the israeli duo. clip made by asaf livni from his old video collection.