B. Reeves Eason

B. Reeves Eason (born William Reeves Eason, 2 October 1886, New York City - 9 June 1956, California) was an American silent film director, actor and screenwriter of the early period. ... more on Wikipedia

B. Reeves Eason Filmography

tv movie 1966 Sharad of Atlantis
movie 1949 Rimfire
movie 1947 Tarzan and the Huntress
movie 1946 'Neath Canadian Skies
movie 1946 North of the Border
movie 1944 Black Arrow
movie 1944 The Desert Hawk
movie 1943 Mechanized Patrolling
movie 1943 Mountain Fighters
movie 1943 Murder on the Waterfront
movie 1943 Oklahoma Outlaws
movie 1943 The Fighting Engineers
movie 1943 The Phantom
movie 1943 Truck Busters
movie 1943 Wagon Wheels West
movie 1942 Maybe Darwin Was Right
movie 1942 Men of the Sky
movie 1942 Murder in the Big House
movie 1942 Soldiers in White
movie 1942 Spy Ship
movie 1941 Take the Air
movie 1941 The Tanks Are Coming
movie 1941 Wings of Steel
movie 1940 March On, Marines
movie 1940 Meet the Fleet
movie 1940 Men with Steel Faces
movie 1940 Pony Express Days
movie 1940 Service with the Colors
movie 1940 Sockeroo
movie 1940 Young America Flies
movie 1939 Blue Montana Skies
movie 1939 Mountain Rhythm
movie 1938 Call of the Yukon
movie 1938 Daredevil Drivers
movie 1938 Sergeant Murphy
movie 1938 The Kid Comes Back
movie 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood
movie 1937 Empty Holsters
movie 1937 Land Beyond the Law
movie 1937 Prairie Thunder
movie 1936 Darkest Africa
movie 1936 Give Me Liberty
movie 1936 Red River Valley
movie 1936 Undersea Kingdom
movie 1935 The Adventures of Rex and Rinty
movie 1935 The Fighting Marines
movie 1935 The Miracle Rider
movie 1935 The Phantom Empire
movie 1934 Mystery Mountain
movie 1934 The Law of the Wild
movie 1934 Hollywood Hoodlum
movie 1933 Alimony Madness
movie 1933 Dance Hall Hostess
movie 1933 Her Resale Value
movie 1933 Neighbors' Wives
movie 1933 Revenge at Monte Carlo
movie 1932 Behind Jury Doors
movie 1932 Cornered
movie 1932 The Heart Punch
movie 1932 The Honor of the Press
movie 1932 The Last of the Mohicans
movie 1932 The Shadow of the Eagle
movie 1932 The Sunset Trail
movie 1931 King of the Wild
movie 1931 The Galloping Ghost
movie 1931 The Vanishing Legion
movie 1930 Roaring Ranch
movie 1930 Spurs
movie 1930 Trigger Tricks
movie 1930 Troopers Three
movie 1929 The Lariat Kid
movie 1929 The Winged Horseman
movie 1928 The Danger Rider as Tucson Joe
movie 1928 Riding for Fame
movie 1928 The Flyin' Cowboy
movie 1928 A Trick of Hearts
movie 1928 Clearing the Trail
movie 1927 Galloping Fury
movie 1927 Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
movie 1927 Painted Ponies
movie 1927 The Denver Dude
movie 1927 The Prairie King
movie 1927 Through Thick and Thin
movie 1926 Lone Hand Saunders
movie 1926 The Sign of the Claw
movie 1926 The Test of Donald Norton
movie 1925 A Fight to the Finish
movie 1925 Border Justice
movie 1925 Fighting the Flames
movie 1925 Fighting Youth
movie 1925 The New Champion
movie 1925 The Shadow on the Wall
movie 1925 The Texas Bearcat
movie 1925 Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
movie 1924 Flashing Spurs
movie 1924 Tiger Thompson
movie 1924 Treasure Canyon
movie 1924 Trigger Fingers
movie 1924 Women First
movie 1923 Around the World in Eighteen Days
movie 1923 His Last Race
movie 1922 Pardon My Nerve!
movie 1922 Roughshod
movie 1922 The Lone Hand
movie 1922 When East Comes West
movie 1921 Colorado
movie 1921 Red Courage
movie 1921 The Big Adventure
movie 1921 The Fire Eater
movie 1920 Two Kinds of Love as Dorgan
movie 1920 Pink Tights
movie 1920 His Nose in the Book
movie 1920 Human Stuff
movie 1920 The Prospector's Vengeance
movie 1920 Blue Streak McCoy
movie 1920 Hair Trigger Stuff
movie 1920 Held Up for the Makin's
movie 1920 The Moon Riders
movie 1920 The Rattler's Hiss
movie 1919 The Crow
movie 1919 The Fighting Heart
movie 1919 The Fighting Line
movie 1919 The Four-Bit Man
movie 1919 The Jack of Hearts
movie 1919 The Kid and the Cowboy
movie 1919 The Tell Tale Wire
movie 1918 Nine-Tenths of the Law as 'Red' Adair
movie 1917 Hell Hath No Fury
movie 1916 The Better Woman as Gilbert Merrill
movie 1916 A Sanitarium Scramble
movie 1916 An Old Man's Folly
movie 1916 Matching Dreams
movie 1916 Shadows
movie 1916 Time and Tide
movie 1916 Viviana
movie 1915 A Heart of Gold as Fred
movie 1915 A Touch of Love as Bill
movie 1915 Competition
movie 1915 Heart of Flame
movie 1915 In the Twilight
movie 1915 The Black Ghost Bandit as Mr. Palmer
movie 1915 The Echo as Ferryman
movie 1915 The Guy Upstairs as Chick Moran
movie 1915 The Law of the Wilds as Steve Baker
movie 1915 The Legend Beautiful as Rachael's Father
movie 1915 The Purple Hills
movie 1915 The Two Sentences as William Ford
movie 1915 When Empty Hearts Are Filled as A Fisherman
movie 1915 A Good Business Deal
movie 1915 A Question of Honor
movie 1915 After the Storm
movie 1915 Drawing the Line
movie 1915 Hearts in Shadow
movie 1915 In Trust
movie 1915 Mountain Mary
movie 1915 Profit from Loss
movie 1915 She Walketh Alone
movie 1915 The Assayer of Lone Gap
movie 1915 The Barren Gain
movie 1915 The Blot on the Shield
movie 1915 The Bluffers
movie 1915 The Day of Reckoning
movie 1915 The Exile of Bar-K Ranch
movie 1915 The Honor of the District Attorney
movie 1915 The Little Lady Next Door
movie 1915 The Newer Way
movie 1915 The Poet of the Peaks
movie 1915 The Silver Lining
movie 1915 The Smuggler's Cave
movie 1915 The Solution to the Mystery
movie 1915 The Spirit of Adventure
movie 1915 The Substitute Minister
movie 1915 The Wasp
movie 1915 To Melody a Soul Responds
movie 1915 To Rent Furnished
movie 1914 A Prince of Bohemia as The Old Janitor
movie 1914 A Soul Astray
movie 1914 Beyond the City as Frank Thompson
movie 1914 Break, Break, Break as Grandfather Day
movie 1914 Calamity Anne's Love Affair
movie 1914 Feast and Famine as Rogers - the Lawyer
movie 1914 His Faith in Humanity
movie 1914 In the Candlelight as Louis, an Artist
movie 1914 In the Moonlight as Lytton's Office Manager
movie 1914 In the Open as The Doctor
movie 1914 Jail Birds as Attorney Bright
movie 1914 Like Father, Like Son as Richard Jordon
movie 1914 Redbird Wins as Ray Connors
movie 1914 Sir Galahad of Twilight as Pedro - the Half-Breed
movie 1914 Sparrow of the Circus as Pantaloon - the Clown
movie 1914 The Aftermath
movie 1914 The Dream Child as Harry Colby
movie 1914 The Hermit as Nells Garfield
movie 1914 The Lost Sermon as Dr. Graham
movie 1914 The Lost Treasure as Jim Lorgus - the Bandit
movie 1914 The Miser's Policy as The Architect
movie 1914 The Money Lender as Dr. Brown
movie 1914 The Return of Helen Redmond as Neil Forrester
movie 1914 The Second Clue
movie 1914 The Smouldering Spark
movie 1914 The Sower Reaps as Tim Rolfe - the Schoolmaster
movie 1914 The Strength o' Ten
movie 1914 The Town of Nazareth
movie 1914 The Unseen Vengeance as Host
movie 1913 A Divorce Scandal as Murphy - the Milkman
movie 1913 Armed Intervention as Mr. Lawson - Dora's Father
movie 1913 In the Days of Trajan as Roman
movie 1913 The Shriner's Daughter as Manager of the Shipping House
movie 1913 The Step Brothers as Sanders - the Road Agent

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Director: B. Reeves Eason Writers: Jerome Chodorov (idea), Raymond L. Schrock (original screenplay) Stars: Van Johnson, Faye Emerson, George Meeker ...

A boxer accidentally kills his opponent and then finds himself falling in love with the his dead opponent's sister.

The Phantom Empire, starring Gene Autry the Singing Cowboy, was a 12-chapter 1935 Mascot serial that combined the western, musical, and science fiction ...

Réalisé par B. Reeves Eason & Armand Schaefer Avec Tom Mix, Tony Jr., Joan Gale, Charles Middleton ...