Babe London

Babe London (August 28, 1901? November 29, 1980) was an American actress and comedian, most remembered for her onetime-only partnership with Oliver Hardy, in the 1931's Laurel and Hardy's two-reeler Our Wife. ... more on Wikipedia

Babe London Filmography

tv movie 1992 A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel and Hardy
movie 1960 Sex Kittens Go to College as Miss Amanda Cadwallader
movie 1957 Public Pigeon No. One as Heavy Woman
movie 1957 The Unholy Wife as Customer
movie 1956 Bundle of Joy as Fat Woman
movie 1951 Pleasure Treasure
movie 1951 Scrambled Brains as Nora
movie 1950 Mother Didn't Tell Me as Mrs. Hadley
movie 1950 The Good Humor Man as Fat Inmate
movie 1949 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Fat Woman
movie 1949 Anna Lucasta as Woman in Bar
movie 1949 Dancing in the Dark as Hula Girl
movie 1949 The Judge Steps Out as Mother at Party
movie 1948 Hazard as Matron
movie 1948 Hollow Triumph as Hotel Lady with Orchid
movie 1948 Isn't It Romantic? as Miss Joslyn, Townswoman
movie 1948 Joan of Arc as Camp Follower
movie 1948 The Paleface as Woman on Wagon Train
movie 1948 The Snake Pit as Attendant
movie 1947 Blaze of Noon as Undetermined Role
movie 1947 Road to Rio as Woman
movie 1946 No Leave, No Love as Melissa
movie 1945 The Clock as Laboratory Nurse
movie 1944 Here Come the Waves as Window Washer
movie 1944 Three Is a Family
movie 1943 The Crystal Ball as Tandem Rider
movie 1942 Jackass Mail as Dancehall Girl
movie 1942 This Time for Keeps as Fat Lady in Theater Balcony
movie 1941 Mr. Dynamite as Fat Girl
movie 1941 Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga as Dance Student
movie 1935 Penny Wise as Store Customer
movie 1933 Hell Below as Fat Girl on Passing Boat
movie 1931 Our Wife as Dulcy - the Bride
movie 1931 The Pottsville Palooka as Babe - Homer's Sweetheart
movie 1930 New Moon as Buxom Peasant Girl on Ship
movie 1928 Circus Blues
movie 1928 Rah! Rah! Rah!
movie 1928 The Awakening
movie 1928 Tillie's Punctured Romance as Strong Woman
movie 1927 Ain't Love Funny? as Daisy Dooley
movie 1927 All Aboard as Princess
movie 1927 Hot Papa
movie 1927 Long Pants as Wedding Guest
movie 1927 My Friend from India as Fat Woman in Shower
movie 1927 Scared Silly
movie 1927 Slippery Silks
movie 1927 The Fortune Hunter as Waitress
movie 1927 The Little Rube
movie 1927 The Princess from Hoboken as Princess Sonia Alexandernova Karpoff
movie 1926 Is That Nice? as Winnie Nash
movie 1926 Kiss Me Kate as The Wife
movie 1926 Live Cowards
movie 1926 The Boob as Fat Girl
movie 1925 Cheap Skates
movie 1925 Fares, Please!
movie 1925 Go West as Woman in Department Store
movie 1925 Half a Hero
movie 1925 Rapid Transit
movie 1925 Red Pepper
movie 1925 Scrambled Eggs
movie 1925 Spot Light
movie 1924 Getting Gertie's Goat
movie 1924 Grandpa's Girl
movie 1924 Jonah Jones as The Hired Man's Sweetheart
movie 1924 Tess of the D'Urbervilles
movie 1924 The Perfect Flapper as Minor Role
movie 1923 A Hula Honeymoon as Mrs. Smudge
movie 1923 Babies Welcome
movie 1923 Back to the Woods
movie 1923 Be Yourself
movie 1923 Call the Wagon as Mary's Maid
movie 1923 Done in Oil
movie 1923 Kidding Katie as Queenie - the Older Sister
movie 1923 Roll Along as Sistah Dinah
movie 1923 Second Childhood
movie 1923 The Balloonatic as Fat Girl at The House of Trouble
movie 1923 The Handy Man as A house guest
movie 1923 Winter Has Come
movie 1922 Golden Dreams as Strong Woman
movie 1922 Henpecked as Lee's Wife
movie 1922 The Weak-End Party as Party guest
movie 1922 When Romance Rides as Sally Brackton
movie 1921 Why Worry?
movie 1920 A Parcel Post Husband
movie 1920 Merely Mary Ann as Rosie Leadbatter
movie 1920 Sauce and Senoritas
movie 1920 The Laundry
movie 1920 Too Many Burglars
movie 1919 A Day's Pleasure as Large Husband's Seasick Wife
movie 1919 The Expert Eloper
movie 1919 When the Clouds Roll by as Switchboard Operator

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IN 1979 silent film actress Babe London was interviewed by members of the Chicago Bacon Grabbers.The Chicago chapter of the Laurel and Hardy ...

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no wiec bylam w londynie, bawilam sie w turyste, jak przystalo na Polaka mowilam po angielsku ze slicznym akcentem (tylko sie nie smiac) i bylo amazing :p.