Baby Lillian Wade

Baby Lillian Wade Filmography

movie 1918 Little Orphant Annie as Orphan
movie 1917 No Place Like Home
movie 1916 The Far Country
movie 1916 The Golden Thought
movie 1915 The Leopard's Lair as The Baby
movie 1915 The Spirit of the Violin as The Graham Child
movie 1914 A Just Punishment as The Child
movie 1914 A Splendid Sacrifice as The Little Clifford Girl
movie 1914 Elizabeth's Prayer as Elizabeth, Their Little Daughter
movie 1914 In Defiance of the Law as Little Isobel
movie 1914 In Tune with the Wild as Edith
movie 1914 Little Lillian Turns the Tide as Little Lillian Rockwell
movie 1914 The Baby Spy as Lillian Sherman
movie 1914 The Leopard's Foundling as Little Balu Herman - as a Child
movie 1914 The Loyalty of Jumbo as Paul's Child
movie 1914 The Mexican as Baby Heflin
movie 1914 The Newsboy Tenor
movie 1913 A Little Child Shall Lead Them as Baby Brant
movie 1913 A Little Hero as Baby Ruth Farral
movie 1913 A Welded Friendship as Violet
movie 1913 Greater Wealth as Little Mary Young
movie 1913 Hope
movie 1913 In God We Trust as The Bewell Child
movie 1913 Love Before Ten as Katie Walters
movie 1913 Mounted Officer Flynn
movie 1913 Outwitted by Billy as Little Billy - Mary's Child
movie 1913 The Acid Test
movie 1913 The Burglar Who Robbed Death as The Harrison Child
movie 1913 The Child of the Sea as Nell Warren as a Child
movie 1913 The False Friend as Stella's Child
movie 1913 The Lipton Cup: Introducing Sir Thomas Lipton as Jack - as a Child
movie 1913 The Lure of the Road
movie 1913 The Mysterious Way as Little Isabel Trenton - as a Child
movie 1913 The Open Door as Howard Yarnell - as a Child
movie 1913 The Probationer as Lillian
movie 1913 The Tattle Battle as 1st Little Girl
movie 1913 The Tide of Destiny as Hazel's Daughter
movie 1913 The Touch of a Child as Little Ruth Hastings
movie 1913 The Yaqui Cur as Yaqui Child
movie 1913 Their Stepmother as Trixie - the Younger Sister
movie 1913 Wamba, a Child of the Jungle as Wamba's Child
movie 1913 When Lillian Was Little Red Riding Hood as Lillian Brown
movie 1913 When the Circus Came to Town as Bess - Jimmy's Sister
movie 1912 A Reconstructed Rebel
movie 1912 In Exile
movie 1912 Kings of the Forest as Iona - Fritz & Sona's Child
movie 1912 Me an' Bill
movie 1912 The Box Car Baby as Toodles
movie 1912 The God of Gold as Little Lily Arnold
movie 1912 The Lake of Dreams
movie 1912 The Man from Dragon Land as Widow Reilly's Child
movie 1912 The Shuttle of Fate as Lola DeLong
movie 1911 A Modern Rip
movie 1911 Captain Brand's Wife as Baby Lillian
movie 1911 Old Billy
movie 1911 One of Nature's Noblemen
movie 1911 The Heart of John Barlow