Barbie Castro

Barbie Castro Filmography

movie 2014 Not for Human Consumption as Kristin Rodriguez
movie 2014 Patient Killer as Brooke Bennett
tv movie 2013 Assumed Killer as Daria Valdez Morrow
movie 2013 iControl
movie 2012 5th of a Degree as Reporter Donna Sheilds
movie 2012 Hear Me as Mother
movie 2012 Miami 3 Oh 5 as Morgen
movie 2012 Scar as Dr. Moore
movie 2012 The Butterfly Warning
video movie 2011 Barbie Castro Dramatic Demo Reel
video movie 2011 Catch 22 as Morgan
movie 2011 Conduit as Susan Peck
movie 2011 Desperation as Linda Walsh
movie 2011 Hidden Agendas as Elsa Steinberg
movie 2011 Nurse Interrupted as Sasha Knox
movie 2011 Stopping at All Stations as Maria
movie 2011 Quarterlifers
movie 2010 Beach House Get Away as Sarah
movie 2010 Class Act as Miss Lupo
movie 2010 Killing Time as Jennifer
movie 2010 Realm as Mrs. Robinson
movie 2010 Script to Reel: Snake in the Woodpile as Loretta
movie 2010 Tech Support as Maria
movie 2010 The End... The Beginning... as Elizabeth McCarthy
video movie 2010 The Ordeal
movie 2010 Thrill Kill as Capt Quinn
movie 2009 Lost Angel as Kate

Barbie Castro on Youtube

Miami 3oh5 Official Trailer... a Miami Style Soap Opera... Directed by Marc Durso, Starring Barbie Castro, Cristina Figarola, Vivi Pineda & Carlos Guerrero...

This is a mini clip of Barbie Castro & Carlos Guerrero in "Miami 3oh5!" a Miami Based Soap Opera Written, Produced and Co-Directed by Barbie Castro.

Conduit, a short film by Alyn Darnay. Starring Barbie Castro, Miguel Martinez and Marc Durso. Screenplay by Robert Herrick.

What would you do if you knew your friends husband was having an affair? Would you tell your friend or would you keep the secret? Find out what Morgan does ...