Barbie Doll

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration. ... more on Wikipedia

Barbie Doll Filmography

video movie 1995 Bums Away
video movie 1995 Hot Crotch Coochies
video movie 1994 Dr. Feelgood, Sex Psychiatrist
video movie 1994 World of Sexual Oddities
video movie 1993 Paul Norman's Nastiest: Orgies
video movie 1992 Bad Attitude
video movie 1992 Bad Side of Town
video movie 1992 Bedtime Stories
video movie 1992 Between Her Thighs
video movie 1992 Girls Will Be Boys 4
video movie 1992 Heartbreaker
video movie 1992 Hot Holes
video movie 1992 Mind Games
movie 1992 Spellbound
video movie 1992 Street Heat
video movie 1992 The Elixir
video movie 1992 The Fire Down Below
video movie 1991 Breathless
video movie 1991 Bubbles
video movie 1991 Decadent
video movie 1991 International Phone Sex Girls 5
video movie 1991 Sweet Cheeks
movie 1990 Giving It to Barbii
video movie 1990 Love in Reverse
movie 1990 Oriental Spice
movie 1990 Passionate Lips as Special guest appearance
movie 1990 The Secret Diaries
movie 1990 The Smart Aleck
video movie 1989 18 Candles
video movie 1989 Best of Caught from Behind 3
movie 1989 Black, White and Blue
movie 1989 Feel the Heat
movie 1989 Golden Globes
movie 1989 Hot Dreams
movie 1989 Super Blondes
movie 1989 Two Women & a Man
movie 1989 Wet Tails as Mermaid
movie 1988 A Taste of Pleasure
video movie 1988 Backdoor to Hollywood 4
movie 1988 Batteries Included
movie 1988 Bi and Beyond
movie 1988 Blonde Fantasy
video movie 1988 Broadcast Nudes as Joy Jacuzzi
movie 1988 Caught from Behind 8
video movie 1988 Decadence as Porn Girl
movie 1988 Doctor Feelgood
movie 1988 Expert Tease
movie 1988 Full Metal Bikini
video movie 1988 Hot Blondes
video movie 1988 Hot Pink and Chocolate Brown
video movie 1988 Magic Pool
movie 1988 No Way In
video movie 1988 Oral Majority Black 2
movie 1988 Platinum Princess
movie 1988 Red Velvet
movie 1988 Sex Lies
video movie 1988 Soul Games
video movie 1988 Suzy Cue
video movie 1988 The Luv Game
video movie 1987 A Rare Starlet
video movie 1987 Broadway Fanny Rose
movie 1987 California Blondes
movie 1987 California Blondes 2
movie 1987 California Cherries
movie 1987 In Charm's Way
video movie 1987 Laid in the USA
movie 1987 Nasty Newshounds as Valerie Jones
movie 1987 The Case of the Mad Tickler as Tracy Tricks
movie 1987 The Out-of-Towner
movie 1987 Young and Innocent
movie 1986 The Wild, Wild West
video movie 1986 The Year of the Sex Dragon as Stephanie
video movie 1986 Uncensored Sex Shows Volume 8: Inside Christy Canyon
video movie 1985 Christy Canyon
video movie 1985 Down and Dirty Scooter Trash
video movie 1985 The Pleasure Party as Susie
video movie 1985 You Make Me Wet as Maude

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Discover your inner sparkle! Join Barbie™ in a colorful, modern-day fairytale filled with fashion, friends and fun! Barbie™ and her dog Sequin™ jet off to vi...

There's no more room in Hell. The dead are coming back to life and walking the earth. Oh, and everyone is 12 inches tall and made of plastic...

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