Barry Blanchard

Barry Blanchard (born March 29, 1959 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is one of North America's top alpinists, noted for pushing the standards of highly technical, high-risk alpine climbing in the Canadian Rockies and the Himalayas. ... more on Wikipedia

Barry Blanchard Filmography

tv movie 2006 Touch the Top of the World
movie 2000 Beyond Gravity as Alpine Climber
movie 2000 Vertical Limit as Climber
movie 1997 The Edge
movie 1993 Cliffhanger
movie 1991 K2

Barry Blanchard on Youtube The Lake Louise group is one of the jewels of ...

Hi there. These are clips from a Adventure workshop I attended last fall. However my long time friend barry Blanchard was available for talent on a couple fl...

You can get a Camranger on Amazon - While at Half Moon bay Barry Blanchard shows off the Camranger I have since bought one myself ...