Barry Primus

Barry Primus (born February 16, 1938) is an American television and film actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Barry Primus Filmography

movie 2013 American Hustle as Tellegio's Consigliere
movie 2013 Grudge Match as Joey the Bartender
movie 2013 Memoirs as Ray Harris
movie 2013 Redemption as Scott McCabe
movie 2012 The Legend as Arnold
movie 2012 The Undercard as Tony Salerno
movie 2011 Good Intentions as Bernard
tv series 2011 The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks as George
movie 2010 MindFlux as Himself
movie 2008 Jackson as Donald
movie 2008 Righteous Kill as Prosky
movie 2007 A Relationship in Four Days as Therapist
video movie 2007 After Midnight as Marty Cole
movie 2007 Price as Michael
video movie 2006 Big Guns as Will Fox
movie 2006 Mustang Sally as Dr. Koshansky
movie 2005 Break a Leg as Ira Goldstein
movie 2004 Cross Bronx as Mary Green
movie 2004 When Will I Be Loved as Victor Barrie
movie 2003 Frankie and Johnny Are Married as Barry Primus
movie 2001 15 Minutes as Cab Driver
tv movie 2001 James Dean as Nicholas Ray
movie 2001 Life as a House as Tom
movie 1999 Black and White as Priest
movie 1997 Flipping as Joey, Leo's Crew
tv movie 1997 Gold Coast as Ed Grossi
tv movie 1996 Crime of the Century as Ellis Parker
tv movie 1995 The Women of Spring Break as Frank Blair
tv movie 1995 Trade-Off as Detective Gold
movie 1994 T-Force
movie 1992 Night and the City as Tommy Tessler
movie 1992 Mistress
movie 1991 Guilty by Suspicion as Bert Alan
movie 1990 Denial as Jay
movie 1990 Desperate Hours
movie 1990 Final Stage as Detective #1
movie 1990 Torn Apart as Arie Arnon
movie 1989 Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death as Ford Maddox
movie 1988 Big Business as Michael
tv movie 1987 Stillwatch as Toby Wilson
movie 1987 Talking Walls as Professor Hirsch
movie 1987 The Stranger as Sergeant Drake
movie 1986 Down and Out in Beverly Hills as Lou Waltzberg
movie 1986 Jake Speed as Lawrence
movie 1986 SpaceCamp as Brennan
tv movie 1985 Brotherly Love as Detective Trelska
movie 1984 The River as Roy
tv movie 1983 Heart of Steel as Amendola
tv movie 1983 I Want to Live as Al Matthews
tv movie 1982 Paper Dolls as Alan
tv movie 1982 Portrait of a Showgirl as Dennis Philips
tv movie 1982 The Making of 'Absence of Malice' as Himself
movie 1981 Absence of Malice as Waddell
movie 1981 Les uns et les autres
video movie 1981 Macbeth as Banquo
tv series 1981 Les uns et les autres
movie 1980 Night Games as Jason St. John
movie 1979 Heartland as Jack
movie 1979 The Rose as Dennis
movie 1978 Avalanche as Mark Elliott
movie 1977 New York, New York as Paul Wilson
tv movie 1977 Roger & Harry: The Mitera Target as Harry Jaworsky
movie 1975 Macchie solari as Father Paul Lenox
tv movie 1974 Big Rose: Double Trouble as Ed Mills
movie 1974 The Gravy Train as Tony
tv movie 1973 Incident at Vichy as Bayard, A Railroad Worker
movie 1972 Boxcar Bertha as Rake Brown
movie 1971 Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me as Gnossos 'Paps' Pappadopoulis
video movie 1971 Talking with Thoreau as Henry David Thoreau
movie 1971 Von Richthofen and Brown as Hermann Goering
movie 1970 Puzzle of a Downfall Child as Aaron Reinhardt
movie 1968 The Brotherhood as Vido
movie 1962 When I'm Old Enough... Good-Bye! as Doug Miller
movie The Next Cassavetes as Fire Marshal
movie 20% Fiction

Barry Primus on Youtube

Boxcar Bertha Trailer - Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring David Carradine, Barry Primus, Bernie Casey, John Carradine, Victor Argo. Based on "Sister o...

The Rose is a 1979 American musical drama film which tells the story of a self-destructive 1960s rock star who struggles to cope with the constant pressures ...

New York, New York Trailer - Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Lionel Stander, Barry Primus, Georgie Auld, George Memmoli.

New York, New York Trailer - Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Lionel Stander, Barry Primus, Georgie Auld, George Memmoli.