Ben Gigli

Ben Gigli Filmography

movie 2013 Amazing Spider-Man 2: Marvelous Movie Shawarma as Executive
movie 2013 Avengers Age of Ultron: Marvelous Movie Shawarma as Thor
video movie 2013 Star Wars Speed Dating as Darth Vader
video movie 2013 Superhero Speed Dating as Thor
movie 2013 Supervillain Speed Dating as Darth Vader
video movie 2010 Stork as Doc
movie 2006 Strangers

Ben Gigli on Youtube

Ben Gigli sits down to talk about his craft in this highlight from the Stream-A-Thon.

Fox Studio Janitor Stew Chatsworth is sent to stop the live show by Gloria. Gloria is a bitch.

Matt Damon was the lucky one from the duo that gave us "Good Will Hunting". I don't know if he is more talented than Ben Affleck but he sure as hell has a be...

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