Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom Filmography

video movie 2010 City Life 2 as Mike
video movie 2009 City Life as Mike
video movie 2008 Frisbee
video movie 2008 More Tales
video movie 2008 Pin Ups Blondes
video movie 2008 The Private Life of Josh Elliot
video movie 2008 Winter Heat
video movie 2008 More Tales 2
video movie 2007 Grand Prix
video movie 2007 Mating Season
video movie 2007 Summer Cruising
video movie 2006 Pillow Talk 2
video movie 2004 Personal Trainers: Part 9 as Trainee 28

Benjamin Bloom on Youtube

'Weird And Wonderful' Official Video - Starring - Jez Hellion Robert Watkins ...

'Weird & Wonderful' the show available to buy on DVD now!!

Benjamin Bloom - Piano solo at Weird and Wonderful show - Colchester Art's Centre - 19.4.14.

Last Man On Earth The Box, Crewe 28th Oct 2012 Benjamin Bloom - Piano/Vox Stuart Sale - Guitar/Vox Joel Kurta - Drums David Edwards - Filming.