Bert Haldane

Bert Haldane Filmography

movie 1922 Auntie's Wedding Present
movie 1922 Eliza's Romeo
movie 1922 Gipsy Blood
movie 1922 The Affected Detective
movie 1920 The Grip of Iron
movie 1920 Mary Latimer, Nun
movie 1920 The Winding Road
movie 1920 The Woman and Officer 26
movie 1919 The Romance of Lady Hamilton
movie 1918 The Ticket-of-Leave Man
movie 1917 A Birmingham Girl's Last Hope
movie 1917 A Boy Scout's Dream; or, How Billie Captured the Kaiser
movie 1917 Men Were Deceivers Ever
movie 1917 The Child and the Fiddler
movie 1916 Some Detectives
movie 1916 The Lady Slavey
movie 1916 Truth and Justice
movie 1915 Beneath the Mask
movie 1915 Brigadier Gerard
movie 1915 By the Shortest of Heads
movie 1915 Cowboy Clem
movie 1915 Darkest London: or, The Dancer's Romance
movie 1915 Do Unto Others
movie 1915 Five Nights
movie 1915 Jack Tar
movie 1915 Jane Shore
movie 1915 Poor Clem
movie 1915 The Barnstormers
movie 1915 The Knut and the Kernel
movie 1915 The Rogues of London
movie 1915 Tommy Atkins
movie 1914 A Brother's Atonement
movie 1914 As a Man Sows; or, An Angel of the Slums
movie 1914 By His Father's Orders
movie 1914 His Sister's Honour
movie 1914 Jim the Fireman
movie 1914 Lights of London
movie 1914 The German Spy Peril
movie 1914 The Last Encampment
movie 1914 The Last Round
movie 1914 The Lure of London
movie 1914 Their Only Son
movie 1914 Your Country Needs You
movie 1913 A Double Life
movie 1913 A Lucky Escape for Dad
movie 1913 A Village Scandal
movie 1913 Alfred Harding's Wooing
movie 1913 Allan Field's Warning
movie 1913 Binks' Wife's Uncle
movie 1913 East Lynne
movie 1913 Fisherman's Luck
movie 1913 Humanity; or, Only a Jew
movie 1913 In the Shadow of Darkness
movie 1913 Just Like a Mother
movie 1913 Little Elsie
movie 1913 Luggage in Advance
movie 1913 Mary of Briarwood Dell
movie 1913 Molly's Burglar
movie 1913 Never Forget the Ring
movie 1913 Now She Lets Him Go Out
movie 1913 Peter Pens Poetry
movie 1913 Peter Tries Suicide
movie 1913 Polly the Girl Scout and Grandpa's Medals
movie 1913 Polly the Girl Scout and the Jewel Thieves
movie 1913 Polly the Girl Scout's Timely Aid
movie 1913 Sixty Years a Queen
movie 1913 Suspicious Mrs. Brown
movie 1913 That Awful Pipe
movie 1913 The Debt of Gambling
movie 1913 The Interrupted Honeymoon
movie 1913 The Price of Deception
movie 1913 The Test
movie 1913 The Turning Point
movie 1913 Uncle as Cupid
movie 1913 Was He a Coward?
movie 1913 When Paths Diverge
movie 1913 Younita
movie 1913 Zaza the Dancer
movie 1912 A Brother's Sacrifice
movie 1912 A Dumb Matchmaker
movie 1912 A Fight for Life
movie 1912 A Girl Alone
movie 1912 A Night of Peril
movie 1912 Bill's Reformation
movie 1912 Bill's Temptation
movie 1912 Ethel's Danger
movie 1912 For Baby's Sake
movie 1912 Her Better Self
movie 1912 Her Sacrifice
movie 1912 His Actress Daughter
movie 1912 His Honour at Stake
movie 1912 How Molly and Polly Got Pa's Consent
movie 1912 How Vandyck Won His Wife
movie 1912 Jeff's Downfall
movie 1912 Muriel's Double
movie 1912 Neighbours
movie 1912 Only an Outcast
movie 1912 Our Bessie
movie 1912 Peter Pickles' Wedding
movie 1912 Phoebe of the Inn
movie 1912 Pippin Up to His Pranks
movie 1912 Robert's Lost Supper
movie 1912 The Birthday That Mattered
movie 1912 The Blind Heroine
movie 1912 The Child Detective
movie 1912 The Deception
movie 1912 The Disinherited Nephew
movie 1912 The Draughtman's Revenge
movie 1912 The Eccentric Uncle's Will
movie 1912 The Fighting Parson
movie 1912 The Girl at the Lodge
movie 1912 The Irony of Fate
movie 1912 The Lieutenant's Bride
movie 1912 The Little Poacher
movie 1912 The Poacher's Fight for Liberty
movie 1912 The Poacher's Reform
movie 1912 The Reward of Perseverance
movie 1912 The Stab of Disgrace
movie 1912 The Trail of the Fatal Ruby
movie 1912 Was He Justified?
movie 1912 When Gold Is Dross
movie 1912 Won by a Snapshot
movie 1911 A Bid for Fortune
movie 1911 A Burglar for a Night
movie 1911 A Fool and His Money
movie 1911 A Girl's Love Letter
movie 1911 A Nephew's Artifice
movie 1911 A Struggling Author
movie 1911 A Touch of Nature
movie 1911 An' Good in the Worst of Us
movie 1911 Elsie, the Gamekeeper's Daughter
movie 1911 For Better or Worse
movie 1911 Hilda's Lovers
movie 1911 His Son
movie 1911 Jack's Sister
movie 1911 Kiddie
movie 1911 Lottery Ticket No. 66
movie 1911 Proud Clarissa
movie 1911 Right Is Might
movie 1911 The Baby and the Bomb
movie 1911 The Broad Arrow
movie 1911 The Convict's Sister
movie 1911 The Faith Healer
movie 1911 The Impediment
movie 1911 The Man Who Kept Silent
movie 1911 The Reclamation of Snarky
movie 1911 The Road to Ruin
movie 1911 The Silver Lining
movie 1911 The Torn Letter
movie 1911 The Trail of Sand
movie 1911 Wealthy Brother John
movie 1910 A Chum's Treachery
movie 1910 A Plucky Kiddie
movie 1910 A Village Love Story
movie 1910 All Is Not Gold That Glitters
movie 1910 Behind the Scenes
movie 1910 Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters
movie 1910 Circumstantial Evidence
movie 1910 Coals of Fire
movie 1910 Dora
movie 1910 Her Debt of Honour
movie 1910 Hunger's Curse
movie 1910 The Farmer's Two Sons
movie 1910 The Miser's Lesson
movie 1910 The Queen of the May
movie 1910 The Thieves' Decoy
movie 1910 Tried and Found True
movie 1910 Woman vs. Woman