Bert Sprotte

Bert Sprotte (9 December 1870 ? 30 December 1949), was a German actor. He appeared in 77 films between 1918 and 1938. ... more on Wikipedia

Bert Sprotte Filmography

movie 1938 Happy Landing as Townsman
movie 1938 The Baroness and the Butler as Peasant at Hunt
movie 1937 It Could Happen to You! as German
movie 1937 Lancer Spy as Conductor
movie 1937 The Road Back as Conductor
movie 1937 Thin Ice as Farmer
movie 1936 Dracula's Daughter as Wedding Guest
movie 1936 One in a Million as Driver of Sleigh
movie 1935 Barbary Coast as Passenger
movie 1935 The Black Room as A Peasant
movie 1934 Manhattan Melodrama as German Note Holder
movie 1934 One Night of Love as Beer Truck Driver
movie 1934 The House of Rothschild as Man in 1780 Sequence
movie 1934 The Mighty Barnum as Butcher in Montage
movie 1934 The Pursuit of Happiness as Col. Hoffer
movie 1933 Captured! as Sergeant Major
movie 1933 Song of the Eagle as Emil Kranzmeyer
movie 1932 A Passport to Hell as Hotel Proprietor
movie 1931 Dämon des Meeres
movie 1930 A Royal Romance as Magistrate
movie 1929 Married in Hollywood as Herr von Herzen
movie 1928 Pass the Gravy as Schultz
movie 1927 Life of an Actress as John Dowen
movie 1927 The Fighting Hombre as Henry Martin
movie 1927 The Private Life of Helen of Troy as Achilles
movie 1927 The Stolen Bride as Sergeant
movie 1927 Wild Geese as Marshal
movie 1925 Confessions of a Queen as Revolutionary Leader
movie 1925 The Ace of Spades as James Monroe
movie 1925 The Human Tornado as Chet Marlow
movie 1925 The White Desert
movie 1925 Why Women Love as Olaf Hansen
movie 1924 His Hour as Ivan
movie 1924 Little Robinson Crusoe as Adolphe Schmidt
movie 1924 Singer Jim McKee as Dan Gleason
movie 1924 The Shooting of Dan McGrew as Beachcomber
movie 1923 Purple Dawn as Red Carson
movie 1923 Rosita as Big Jailer
movie 1923 Snowdrift as Jean McLaire
movie 1923 Soul of the Beast as Silas Hamm
movie 1923 The Miracle Baby as Sam Brodford
movie 1923 The Prisoner as Courant
movie 1923 Trimmed in Scarlet as Duroc
movie 1923 Wild Bill Hickok as Bob Wright
movie 1922 A Question of Honor as Charles Burkthaler
movie 1922 Blue Blazes as Black Lanning
movie 1922 Conquering the Woman as Tobias Stafford
movie 1922 For Big Stakes as Rowell Clark
movie 1922 Hungry Hearts as Cossack
movie 1922 Silver Spurs as Juan von Rolf
movie 1922 The Fighting Streak as Hal Dozier
movie 1922 The Ropin' Fool as The Sheriff
movie 1922 Thelma as Olaf Guildmar
movie 1921 Below the Deadline as Buck Elliot
movie 1921 Bob Hampton of Placer as Sheriff
movie 1921 O'Malley of the Mounted as Sheriff
movie 1921 The Blazing Trail as Hank Millicuddy
movie 1921 The Night Horsemen as Mac Strann
movie 1921 Trailin' as John Woodbury
movie 1921 White Oak as Eliphalet Moss
movie 1920 Guile of Women as Skole
movie 1920 Jes' Call Me Jim as Buffum
movie 1920 Out of the Dust as Dan Maacklier
movie 1920 The Deceiver
movie 1920 The Golden Trail as Jim Sykes
movie 1920 Two Moons as Sheriff Red Agnew
movie 1919 Breed of Men as Wesley B. Prentice
movie 1919 Broth for Supper
movie 1919 Tempest Cody Bucks the Trust
movie 1919 The Brute Breaker as La Blanc
movie 1919 The Girl from Outside as The Marshall
movie 1919 The Shepherd of the Hills as Wash Gibbs
movie 1919 The World Aflame as Nicolai Poppoff
movie 1919 Wagon Tracks as Brick Muldoon
movie 1918 Selfish Yates as Rocking Chair Riley
movie 1918 Shark Monroe as Onion McNab
movie 1918 The Border Wireless as Von Helm
movie 1918 Vive la France! as German Sergeant