Berton Churchill

Berton Churchill (December 9, 1876 ? October 10, 1940) was a Canadian actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Berton Churchill Filmography

movie 1984 Going Hollywood: The '30s
movie 1940 20 Mule Team as 'Jackass' Brown
movie 1940 Brother Rat and a Baby as Mr. Harper
movie 1940 Cross-Country Romance as Col. Conway
movie 1940 I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now as Senator Henry Lowell
movie 1940 Public Deb No. 1 as Magistrate
movie 1940 Saturday's Children as Mr. Norman
movie 1940 The Way of All Flesh as Reginald L. Morten
movie 1940 Turnabout as Julian Marlowe
movie 1939 Daughters Courageous as Judge Henry Hornsby
movie 1939 Hero for a Day as E. A. Dow
movie 1939 On Your Toes as Donald Henderson
movie 1939 Should Husbands Work? as Barnes
movie 1939 So This Is London as Hiram Draper
movie 1939 Stagecoach as Gatewood
movie 1939 The Angels Wash Their Faces as Mayor Dooley
movie 1938 Danger on the Air as Caesar Kluck
movie 1938 Down in 'Arkansaw' as Judge
movie 1938 Four Men and a Prayer as Mr. Martin Cherrington
movie 1938 He Couldn't Say No as Senator Mabby
movie 1938 Kentucky Moonshine as J.B
movie 1938 Ladies in Distress as Fred Morgan
movie 1938 Sweethearts as Sheridan
movie 1938 The Cowboy and the Lady as Henderson
movie 1938 Wide Open Faces as L.D. Crawford
movie 1937 In Old Chicago as Senator Colby
movie 1937 Parnell as The O'Gorman Mahon
movie 1937 Public Wedding as Pop Lane
movie 1937 Quick Money as Bluford H. Smythe
movie 1937 Racing Lady as Judge
movie 1937 Sing and Be Happy as John Mason
movie 1937 The Singing Marine as J. Montgomery Madison
movie 1937 Wild and Woolly as Edward Ralston
movie 1937 You Can't Beat Love as Police Chief Brennan
movie 1936 Black Gold as J.C. Anderson
movie 1936 Bunker Bean as Professor Ed Balthazer
movie 1936 Colleen as Logan
movie 1936 Dimples as Colonel Loring
movie 1936 Parole! as Rex Gavin
movie 1936 The Dark Hour as Paul Bernard
movie 1936 Three of a Kind as 'Con' Cornelius
movie 1936 Under Your Spell as Judge
movie 1936 You May Be Next as J.J. Held
movie 1935 $10 Raise as Mr. Bates
movie 1935 A Night at the Ritz as Stephen Vincent
movie 1935 Coronado as Walter Marvin
movie 1935 Dizzy Dames as Dad Hackett
movie 1935 Helldorado as 'Clarion' Editor
movie 1935 I Live for Love as Fabian
movie 1935 Page Miss Glory as Mr. Yates - Assistant Hotel Manager
movie 1935 Steamboat Round the Bend as New Moses
movie 1935 The County Chairman as Elias Rigby
movie 1935 The Rainmakers as Simon Parker
movie 1935 The Spanish Cape Mystery as Judge Macklin
movie 1935 Vagabond Lady as R.D. Spear
movie 1934 Babbitt as Judge Virgil 'Verge' Thompson
movie 1934 Bachelor Bait as 'Big' Barney Nolan
movie 1934 Bachelor of Arts as Alexander Hamilton Sr.
movie 1934 Dames as Harold Ellsworthy Todd
movie 1934 Friends of Mr. Sweeney as Franklyn P. Brumbaugh
movie 1934 Frontier Marshal as Ben 'Hiram' Melton
movie 1934 Half a Sinner as Deacon Caswell
movie 1934 Hi, Nellie! as Graham
movie 1934 Judge Priest as Senator Horace Maydew
movie 1934 Kid Millions as Col. Harrison Larrabee
movie 1934 Let's Be Ritzy as R.M. Pembrook
movie 1934 Life Is Worth Living
movie 1934 Men in White as John Hudson
movie 1934 Menace as Norman Bellamy
movie 1934 Murder in the Private Car as Carson
movie 1934 Redhead as Mr. Brown
movie 1934 Sing Sing Nights as Gov. Duane
movie 1934 Strictly Dynamite as Mr. Rivers
movie 1934 Take the Stand as Mr. Jerome Burbank
movie 1933 Billion Dollar Scandal as The Warden
movie 1933 College Coach as Otis
movie 1933 Doctor Bull as Herbert Banning - Janet's Brother
movie 1933 Elmer, the Great as Colonel Moffitt
movie 1933 Employees' Entrance as Mr. Bradford
movie 1933 From Hell to Heaven as Toledo Jones
movie 1933 Golden Harvest as Eben Martin
movie 1933 Hard to Handle as Col. H.D.X. Wells
movie 1933 Her First Mate as Davis
movie 1933 Heroes for Sale as Mr. Winston
movie 1933 I Love That Man as Mordant, Casket Buyer
movie 1933 Ladies Must Love as Gaskins
movie 1933 Laughter in Hell as Mike Slaney
movie 1933 Master of Men as Mr. Walling
movie 1933 Only Yesterday as Goodheart
movie 1933 Private Jones as Roger Winthrop
movie 1933 So This Is Africa as President
movie 1933 The Avenger as Forster
movie 1933 The Big Brain as Col. Higginbotham
movie 1933 The Little Giant as Donald Hadley Cass
movie 1933 The Mysterious Rider as Mark King
movie 1932 A Fool's Advice as Mayor Martin Sloan
movie 1932 Afraid to Talk as Mayor William 'Billy' Manning
movie 1932 American Madness as O'Brien
movie 1932 Cheaters at Play
movie 1932 False Faces as Dr. J.B. Parker
movie 1932 Fast Companions as Committee Chairman
movie 1932 Forgotten Commandments as Undetermined Role
movie 1932 Frisco Jenny as Judge Thomas B. Reynolds
movie 1932 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang as The Judge
movie 1932 If I Had a Million as Warden
movie 1932 It's Tough to Be Famous as Admiral Blaine
movie 1932 Madame Butterfly as American Consul
movie 1932 Okay, America! as Jacob Baron
movie 1932 Scandal for Sale as Bunnyweather
movie 1932 Taxi! as Judge West
movie 1932 The Big Stampede as Governor Wallace
movie 1932 The Cabin in the Cotton as Norwood
movie 1932 The Crooked Circle as Col. Walters
movie 1932 The Dark Horse as William A. Underwood
movie 1932 The Mouthpiece as Judge, Rocco Trial
movie 1932 The Rich Are Always with Us as Judge Bradshaw
movie 1932 The Washington Masquerade as Senator Bitler
movie 1932 The Wet Parade as Roger's Uncle Dick
movie 1932 This Reckless Age as Banker
movie 1932 Two Seconds as The Warden
movie 1932 Washington Merry-Go-Round as Speaker of the House
movie 1932 Week Ends Only as A.S. Carr
movie 1931 Air Eagles as Windy J. Bailey
movie 1931 Husband's Holiday as Gerald Burgess
movie 1931 My Sin as Mr. Osgood
movie 1931 Secrets of a Secretary as Mr. Merritt
movie 1931 Tarnished Lady as Stock Speculator
movie 1930 Five Minutes from the Station as Mr. Mason
movie 1929 Nothing But the Truth as E.M. Burke
movie 1924 Tongues of Flame as Boland
movie 1923 Six Cylinder Love as George Stapleton
movie 1919 The Road Called Straight as Robert Swiftmore

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From "The Little Giant".

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A pair of detectives investigates the murder of an elderly millionaire who was the target of blackmail and death threats and find that there is no shortage o...

Berton Churchill and Francis Ford in John Ford's Steamboat Round the Bend (1935) For educational purposes.