Bertram Marburgh

Bertram Marburgh Filmography

movie 1945 The Lost Weekend as Jewish Man
movie 1944 The Heavenly Body as Old Man Behind Vicky at Concert
movie 1943 The Human Comedy as Steed Butler
movie 1942 A Gentleman at Heart as Harrison - Art Expert
movie 1942 Crossroads as Pierre, Talbot's Butler
movie 1942 Too Many Women as Uncle Woodrow
movie 1941 The Hard-Boiled Canary as Mr. Myers
movie 1941 The Lady Eve as Party Guest
movie 1940 Before I Hang as Stephen Barclay
movie 1940 Kitty Foyle as Speakeasy Patron
movie 1932 They Just Had to Get Married as Langley
movie 1930 For the Defense as Judge Evans
movie 1930 Melody Man as Van Bader
movie 1927 An Affair of the Follies as Lew Kline
movie 1927 The King of Kings
movie 1927 The Woman on Trial as Morland's Lawyer
movie 1926 Silken Shackles as Lord Fairchild
movie 1926 The Outsider as Dr. Talley
movie 1926 Unknown Treasures as Cyrus Hamilton
movie 1925 A Streak of Luck as Mr. Burton
movie 1925 His People as Judge Nathan Stein
movie 1922 Timothy's Quest as Jabe Slocum
movie 1920 The Greatest Love as Mr. Lantini
movie 1920 Whispers
movie 1919 Checkers as Judge Marlow
movie 1919 The Social Pirate as Detective Mills
movie 1919 You Never Know Your Luck
movie 1918 The Eagle's Eye as Count Johann von Bernstorff
movie 1916 The Rail Rider as 'B,' the enigma of the D & O
movie 1915 After Dark as Norris
movie 1915 The Broken Law
movie 1915 The Stolen Voice as Dick Leslie
movie 1915 Marrying Money