Bertram Phillips

Bertram Phillips Filmography

movie 1929 Ag and Bert
movie 1929 The Percival Mackey Trio
movie 1928 The New Paris Lido Club Band
movie 1927 Arthur Roberts
movie 1924 Her Redemption
movie 1924 Straws in the Wind
movie 1924 The Alley of Golden Hearts
movie 1923 Dickens Up-to-Date
movie 1923 Faust
movie 1923 Juliet and Her Romeo
movie 1923 One Excited Orphan
movie 1923 Stung by a Woman
movie 1923 The School for Scandal
movie 1923 Tut-Tut and His Terrible Tomb
movie 1922 Boy Scouts
movie 1922 Cutting Out Pictures
movie 1922 Football Fun
movie 1922 Making Good Resolutions
movie 1922 Making Paper Money
movie 1922 Paper Hanging
movie 1922 Peter the Barber
movie 1922 Playing at Doctors
movie 1922 Sold and Healed
movie 1922 Spring Cleaning
movie 1922 The Conjurors
movie 1922 The Sweep
movie 1920 Trousers
movie 1919 A Little Child Shall Lead Them
movie 1918 It's Happiness That Counts
movie 1918 Meg o' the Woods
movie 1918 Rock of Ages
movie 1917 Ye Wooing of Peggy
movie 1917 A Man the Army Made
movie 1916 Frills
movie 1916 The Chance of a Lifetime
movie 1916 Won by Losing
movie 1915 The White Star