Bessie Barriscale

Bessie Barriscale (September 30, 1884 ? June 30, 1965) was an American silent film and stage actress, and a major star for producer Thomas Ince in the late 1910s. ... more on Wikipedia

Bessie Barriscale Filmography

movie 1934 Beloved as Mrs. Walkins
movie 1934 The Man Who Reclaimed His Head as Louise, the Maid
movie 1933 Above the Clouds as Mother
movie 1933 Bondage as Undetermined Role
movie 1933 Secrets as Susan Carlton
movie 1928 Show Folks as Kitty Mayo
movie 1921 The Breaking Point as Ruth Marshall
movie 1920 A Woman Who Understood as Madge Graham
movie 1920 Life's Twist as Muriel Chester
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 2 as Herself
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 6 as Herself
movie 1920 The Broken Gate as Aurora Lane
movie 1920 The Luck of Geraldine Laird as Geraldine Laird
movie 1920 The Notorious Mrs. Sands as Mary Ware
movie 1919 A Trick of Fate as Anna Gerard
movie 1919 All of a Sudden Norma as Norma Brisbane
movie 1919 Beckoning Roads as Marquita Shay
movie 1919 Hearts Asleep as Nancy
movie 1919 Her Purchase Price as Sheka
movie 1919 Josselyn's Wife as Ellen Latimer Josselyn
movie 1919 Kitty Kelly, M.D. as Dr. Kitty Kelly
movie 1919 Tangled Threads as Margaret Wayne
movie 1919 The Woman Michael Married as Mira Sacky
movie 1918 Blindfolded as Peggy Muldoon
movie 1918 Madam Who as Jeanne Beaufort
movie 1918 Maid o' the Storm as Ariel
movie 1918 Patriotism as Robin Cameron
movie 1918 Rose o' Paradise as Virginia Singleton
movie 1918 The Cast-Off as Pansy May
movie 1918 The Heart of Rachael as Rachael
movie 1918 The White Lie as Dorothy Kingsley
movie 1918 Two-Gun Betty as Betty Craig
movie 1918 Within the Cup as Thisbe Lorraine
movie 1917 Bawbs o' the Blue Ridge as Barbara 'Bawbs' Colby
movie 1917 Borrowed Plumage as Nora
movie 1917 The Hater of Men as Janice Salsbury
movie 1917 The Snarl as Helen Dean
movie 1917 Those Who Pay as Dorothy Warner
movie 1917 Wooden Shoes as Pampy
movie 1916 A Corner in Colleens as Shamrock
movie 1916 Bullets and Brown Eyes as Countess Olga
movie 1916 Home as Bessie Wheaton
movie 1916 Honor's Altar as Winnie Mallory
movie 1916 Not My Sister as Grace Tyler
movie 1916 Plain Jane as Jane, 'The Orphint'
movie 1916 The Green Swamp as Margery Allison
movie 1916 The Last Act as Ethel Duprey
movie 1916 The Payment as Phyllis Page
movie 1916 The Sorrows of Love as Beatrice
movie 1915 The Cup of Life as Helen Fiske
movie 1915 The Devil as Isabella Zanden
movie 1915 The Golden Claw as Lillian Hillary
movie 1915 The Mating as Doris Willard
movie 1915 The Painted Soul as Irene Brock
movie 1915 The Reward as Jane Wallace
movie 1914 Ready Money as Grace Tyler
movie 1914 Rose of the Rancho as Juanita Castro
movie 1914 The Bells of Austi as Paquita
movie 1914 The Making of Bobby Burnit as Agnes Elliston
movie 1913 Eileen of Erin
movie 1913 The Gambler's Pal

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