Betty Balfour

Betty Balfour (27 March 1903 ? 4 November 1977) was an English screen actress, popular during the silent era, and known as the "British Mary Pickford" and "Britain's Queen of Happiness". She was best known to audiences for her Squibs series of films. ... more on Wikipedia

Betty Balfour Filmography

movie 1945 29 Acacia Avenue as Mrs. Robinson
movie 1936 Eliza Comes to Stay as Eliza Vandan
movie 1935 Brown on Resolution as Elizabeth Brown
movie 1935 Squibs as Amelia "Squibs" Hopkins
movie 1934 Evergreen as Maudie
movie 1934 My Old Dutch as Lil
movie 1930 Raise the Roof as Maisie Grey
movie 1930 The Nipper as The Nipper
movie 1929 Champagner as Jenny
movie 1929 Die Regimentstochter as Marie - Regiments Daughter
movie 1929 The Vagabond Queen as Sally
movie 1928 A Little Bit of Fluff as Mamie Scott
movie 1928 Champagne as The Girl
movie 1928 Croquette as Croquette
movie 1928 Le diable au coeur as Ludivine Bucaille - une fille étrange
movie 1928 Paradise as Kitty Cranston
movie 1927 Cinders as Cinders
movie 1927 La petite bonne du palace as Betty Cinders
movie 1926 Blinkeyes as Blinkeyes
movie 1926 Die sieben Töchter der Frau Gyurkovics as Mizzi
movie 1926 Monte Carlo as Betty Oliver
movie 1926 The Sea Urchin as Fay Wynchbeck
movie 1925 Pearl of Love
movie 1925 Satan's Sister as Jude Tyler
movie 1925 Somebody's Darling as Joan Meredith
movie 1924 Réveille as Mick
movie 1923 Love, Life and Laughter as Tip-Toes
movie 1923 Squibs M.P. as Squibs Hopkins
movie 1923 Squibs' Honeymoon as Squibs Hopkins
movie 1922 Mord Em'ly as Maud Emily
movie 1922 Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep as Squibs Hopkins
movie 1922 Wee MacGregor's Sweetheart as Christine
movie 1921 Mary-Find-the-Gold as Mary Smith
movie 1921 Squibs as Squibs Hopkins
movie 1920 Nothing Else Matters as Sally

Betty Balfour on Youtube

Find out about Britain's answer to Mary Pickford - Betty Balfour. One of her long lost films has recently resurfaced: Love, Life and Laughter Radio interview...

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