Betty Brice

Betty Brice Filmography

movie 1924 Beau Brummel as Mrs. Snodgrass
movie 1922 Heart's Haven as Gladys Laird
movie 1922 The Green Temptation as Mrs. Weedon Duyker
movie 1921 The Spenders as Psyche Bines
movie 1920 A Beggar in Purple as Irene Foster
movie 1920 The Money Changers as Maggie O'Brien
movie 1920 The Sagebrusher as Annie Squires
movie 1920 The Third Generation as Miss Scales
movie 1918 Humility as Ruth Chandler
movie 1917 Loyalty as Nell Woodward
movie 1917 Who Knows? as Jenny Weaver
movie 1916 Her Bleeding Heart as Marion Lane
movie 1916 Love's Toll as Marian Lane
movie 1916 The Evangelist as Phoebe Ransford
movie 1916 The Gods of Fate as Jane
movie 1915 A Man's Making as Mary Haskell
movie 1915 Her Answer as Grace Morgan
movie 1915 In the Dark as Mrs. Rex Mansfield
movie 1915 Polly of the Pots and Pans as Rodman's Fiancee
movie 1915 Sweeter Than Revenge as Molly McCall
movie 1915 The Blessed Miracle as Diane King - the Adventuress
movie 1915 The Call of Motherhood
movie 1915 The Climbers as Miss Godesby
movie 1915 The College Widow as Flora Wiggins
movie 1915 The District Attorney as Grace Brainerd
movie 1915 The Last Rose as Marion
movie 1915 The Meddlesome Darling as Rose - Henry's Secretary
movie 1915 The Only Way Out as Bertha Holt
movie 1915 The Phantom Happiness as Alice Emerson
movie 1915 The Rights of Man: A Story of War's Red Blotch as Princess Lorcha
movie 1915 The Road o' Strife
movie 1915 The Sporting Duchess as Vivian Darville
movie 1915 When Youth Is Ambitious
movie 1915 Whom the Gods Would Destroy
movie 1914 A Cruel Revenge as Lily Adair
movie 1914 A Servant of the Rich as Marian Abbott
movie 1914 In the Northland as Celeste
movie 1914 Michael Strogoff as Sangaree
movie 1914 Officer Jim as Margaret
movie 1914 The Fortune Hunter as Josie Lockwood
movie 1914 The Greater Treasure as Ellen Carey
movie 1914 The House of Fear as Alice Gray
movie 1914 The Incompetent as Mildred Gardner
movie 1914 The Mansion of Sobs as Rose Gregg
movie 1914 The Puritan as Evelyn Nestor
movie 1914 The Wolf
movie 1913 The Price of Victory as Lorena Gray