Betty Harte

Betty Harte (13 May 1882 ? 3 January 1965), was an American actress of the silent era. She appeared in 108 films between 1908 and 1916. ... more on Wikipedia

Betty Harte Filmography

movie 1916 The Bait as Margot
movie 1916 The Heritage of Hate as Myra
movie 1916 The Man from Bitter Roots as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 Nancy of Stony Isle as Nancy
movie 1915 The Buzzard's Shadow as Mrs. Sears
movie 1915 The Bridge of Sighs
movie 1914 A Nest Unfeathered as The Foreman's Wife
movie 1914 A Woman's Triumph as Effie Deans
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Poison Pool as Dorothy
movie 1914 The Next in Command as Zuleika
movie 1914 The Oath of a Viking as Lydia - the King's Daughter
movie 1914 The Pride of Jennico as The Gypsy Maid, Michel
movie 1913 An Indian Nemesis as Hope
movie 1913 An Innocent Informer as The Moonshiner's Daughter
movie 1913 Bill's Sweetheart as Little Maverick
movie 1913 Hoodman Blind as Jess
movie 1913 I Was Meant for You as Susan
movie 1913 Master and Man as The Party Guest
movie 1913 Side Tracked by Sister
movie 1913 The Good in the Worst of Us
movie 1913 The Ironmaster as Betty
movie 1913 The Noisy Six
movie 1913 Where Shore and Water Meet as Mabel Newman - the Designer
movie 1912 A Child of the Wilderness as Tonoma - the Squaw Nurse
movie 1912 A Diplomat Interrupted
movie 1912 A Pair of Boots
movie 1912 A Reconstructed Rebel as Louise Yancey
movie 1912 An Assisted Elopement as Jane Wilson
movie 1912 Bounder as Ruby Blackwell
movie 1912 Brains and Brawn
movie 1912 Disillusioned
movie 1912 Getting Atmosphere as The Ingénue
movie 1912 Her Educator as The Kid
movie 1912 His Wedding Eve as The Nurse
movie 1912 How the Cause Was Won as Mabel Moody
movie 1912 Kings of the Forest as Sona - Fritz's Wife
movie 1912 Me an' Bill
movie 1912 The 'Epidemic' in Paradise Gulch as Miss Williams - the Schoolteacher
movie 1912 The Ace of Spades
movie 1912 The Danites as Nancy Williams
movie 1912 The Fisherboy's Faith
movie 1912 The Girl and the Cowboy
movie 1912 The Girl of the Lighthouse as Jenna Jensen - the Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
movie 1912 The Girl of the Mountains as Tess Sutton - the Old Miner's Daughter
movie 1912 The Junior Officer
movie 1912 The Little Stowaway as The Little Stowaway
movie 1912 The Man from Dragon Land as The Widow's Servant
movie 1912 The Mate of the Alden Bessie
movie 1912 The Pirate's Daughter as Almita - the Pirate's Daughter
movie 1912 The Polo Substitute as Margaret Bush
movie 1912 The Secret Wedding as Bessie Whalen
movie 1912 The Shrinking Rawhide as Mercedes
movie 1912 The Substitute Model as The Little Sister
movie 1912 The Vintage of Fate as Maria
movie 1912 The Vision Beautiful
movie 1912 The Vow of Ysobel as Ysobel
movie 1911 A Cup of Cold Water
movie 1911 A Frontier Girl's Courage as Mary Wilson
movie 1911 A Modern Rip
movie 1911 A Romance of the Rio Grande
movie 1911 A Sacrifice to Civilization
movie 1911 An Evil Power
movie 1911 Blackbeard
movie 1911 Captain Brand's Wife as Captain Brand's Wife
movie 1911 George Warrington's Escape as Fanny Mountain
movie 1911 How Algy Captured a Wild Man
movie 1911 In the Days of Gold as Juanita Lopez
movie 1911 It Happened in the West
movie 1911 Making a Man of Him as Sallie Morgan - Bertie's Wife
movie 1911 Old Billy
movie 1911 Out-Generaled as Bessie Darrow
movie 1911 Range Pals as Danny
movie 1911 Shipwrecked
movie 1911 Slick's Romance
movie 1911 The Artist's Sons as Model No. 1
movie 1911 The Blacksmith's Love
movie 1911 The Bootlegger
movie 1911 The Coquette as Mabel - the Coquette
movie 1911 The Heart of John Barlow
movie 1911 The Herders
movie 1911 The Knight Errant as Yvette
movie 1911 The Little Widow
movie 1911 The Maid at the Helm as Elizabeth Barker
movie 1911 The New Faith
movie 1911 The Profligate as Mercedes - Pauline's Sister
movie 1911 The Regeneration of Apache Kid as Mary Worthington - the Colonel's Daughter
movie 1911 The Spy
movie 1911 The Still Alarm
movie 1911 The White Medicine Man as Mlle. Julie
movie 1911 Their Only Son
movie 1911 Through Fire and Smoke as Betty St. Claire - the Factory Girl
movie 1911 Told in the Sierras
movie 1911 Where There's a Will, There's a Way
movie 1910 A Tale of the Sea as Bill's Sweetheart
movie 1910 Across the Plains
movie 1910 Davy Crockett
movie 1910 In the Great Northwest as Julie - the Factor's Daughter
movie 1910 Justinian and Theodora as Theodora
movie 1910 Pride of the Range
movie 1910 The Common Enemy
movie 1910 The Courtship of Miles Standish
movie 1910 The Roman
movie 1910 The Schoolmaster of Mariposa as Miss Williams
movie 1909 Boots and Saddles
movie 1909 In the Badlands
movie 1909 In the Sultan's Power
movie 1909 On the Border
movie 1909 On the Little Big Horn or Custer's Last Stand
movie 1909 Pine Ridge Feud
movie 1909 The Christian Martyrs
movie 1909 The Leopard Queen
movie 1909 The Stampede
movie 1909 The Tenderfoot
movie 1909 Up San Juan Hill
movie 1908 Damon and Pythias
movie 1908 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
movie 1908 Rip Van Winkle
movie 1908 The Spirit of '76