Betty Ting Pei

Betty Ting Pei (Traditional Chinese: ??, born 19 February 1947) was a Taiwanese actress who joined Shaw Brothers in 1967. Despite acting in more than 30 movies, she is remembered today primarily because of the mysterious and controversial death of Bruce Lee in her apartment. ... more on Wikipedia

Betty Ting Pei Filmography

movie 1993 Death by Misadventure: The Mysterious Life of Bruce Lee as Herself
movie 1985 Fa gaai si doi as Monie
movie 1983 Feng shui er shi nian as Mrs. Chung
movie 1982 Bat sap yee ga fong hak as Landlady
movie 1981 Da jeuk ying hung chuen as May
movie 1979 Liang shan guai zhao
movie 1979 Shen bu
movie 1978 Chu zhong
movie 1978 Game of Death
movie 1978 Za ma
movie 1977 Alibis as Anya
movie 1977 Bruce Lee, the Legend as Herself
movie 1976 Li Xiao Long yu wo as Betty Ting Pei
movie 1976 Li Xiao Long zhuan qi
movie 1975 Cai yun pian pian
movie 1975 Chu hu yi liao
movie 1975 Chun tian li de qiu tian
movie 1975 Heng chong zhi tong Xiao Fu Xing
movie 1975 Lao fu zi
movie 1975 Zhan cao chu gen
movie 1974 Chuo tou zhuang yuan
movie 1974 Da jiao long
movie 1974 Fan mai ren kou
movie 1974 Gui ma shuang xing as Pei Pei
movie 1974 Tie jin gang da po zi yang guan as Agnes Wong Yen-Yen
movie 1974 Xiang Gang wu yan xia as Lily Fang
movie 1973 Chuan chuan feng ling xiang
movie 1973 Gu piao gu piao
movie 1973 Lian qing san qiang li
movie 1973 The Last Days of Bruce Lee as Herself - Host
movie 1973 Tou du ke
movie 1973 Xiang Gang shi de tou qing
movie 1972 Dong nan xi bei feng
movie 1972 Shi si nu ying hao as Huang Chiung Nu
movie 1972 Xiang gang guo ke as Li Na
movie 1972 Yu nu xi chun as Lu Pai-hung
movie 1971 Ye he hua as Lucy
movie 1970 Gui men guan as Yao Li-no
movie 1970 Nu zi gong yu as Yu Shu-wen
movie 1969 Diao jin gui as Zhinan
movie 1969 Luo shi hen
movie 1969 Ming ri you tian ya
movie 1969 Qing chun wan sui as Chen Qiu Ting aka Susan Du
movie 1968 Die hai hua
movie 1968 Qin qing
movie 1967 Zi bei ke as Dai Dai
movie 1966 Du mei gui as Woman guest
movie 1966 Qiao
movie 1966 Zhen jie pai fang
movie 1965 Wan Jun biao mei
movie 1965 Ya nu qing xin
movie 1965 Yang ya ren jia
movie 1963 Ke nu

Betty Ting Pei on Youtube

Rare featurette released right after Bruce Lee's passing. Great footage and interviews!A must see! Subscribe to our page to see more!

Betty Ting-Pei mainly discusses her Buddhist belief and how it has helped her overcome the aftermath of Bruce Lee's death in her apartment and ultimately cha.

Title: Adultery, Chinese Style 香港式的偷情Year: 1973 Director: Lu Chi 呂奇Casts: Betty Ting Pei 丁珮, Chen Ching 陳菁, Lo Lieh 羅烈, Chin Feng 金峰The ...

1983 Interview on Hong Kong's TVB variety show Enjoy Yourself Tonight with Betty Ting-Pei. Host 'Ivan' Ho Bee and company ask the question that everyone at ...