Bidzina Kanchaveli

Bidzina Kanchaveli Filmography

movie 2014 1000 Könige
movie 2007 6 Pictures of a Universe
movie 2006 7 1/2 Frauen
movie 2000 Novice N. 21

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A surreal short film about a man living in an endless floor. 7 women, searching fot their lost key, try to enter his claustrophobic world. The 7 women will b...

1000 Könige (DE 2010-12) - Deutscher Trailer Regie: Bidzina Kanchaveli Produktionsfirma: Thirsty Goldfish GmbH (Berlin) © Thirsty Goldfish GmbH (Berlin)

A surreal short film about bureaucracy, paperwork and chaos from the police machine. Best short film at the Rom festival 1999.