Big Jim

Big Jim was a popular line of action figure toys produced from 1972 through 1986 by Mattel for the North American and European markets. In Latin America he was renamed Kid Acero, and for a short period of time, Mark the Strong in Europe. Originally inspired by G.I. Joe, the Big Jim line was smaller in size (closer to 10 inches in height compared to Joe's 12) and each figure included a push button in the back that made the character execute a karate chop action. The action figure's arms were made ... more on Wikipedia

Big Jim Filmography

video movie 2006 Creampie Slappers
tv series 2006 Cum Slingers
tv series 2005 Toy Stories
tv series 2004 Abigail's Posh Pussy
tv series 2002 Ally McSqueal
video movie 2002 Nadia's Sweet Revenge
tv series 2001 Labia Warrior Princess
tv series 2000 Banged Up

Big Jim on Youtube

Welcome to the YouTube channel of Big Jim Video Productions, one of the top railfan video channels on the web! Here you'll find both a mix of old and new vid...


Come andarono realmente le cose durante la ricerca ed il recupero del piccolo di rinoceronte bianco disperso nella Savana nel 1976 da Big Jim e Big Jack?