Bill Burrud

Bill Burrud Filmography

tv movie 1983 Animals Are the Funniest People as Himself - Host
tv series 1983 New! Animal World as Host Narrator
tv movie 1977 Curse of the Mayan Temple
tv movie 1971 The World of Reptiles as Host, Narrator
tv movie 1970 The Great Apes as Host
tv series 1970 World of the Sea as Host narrator
tv series 1969 Safari to Adventure as Host
tv series 1969 The Challenging Sea as Host
tv movie 1968 Population Explosion: The Human Bomb as Himself - Moderator
tv series 1968 Animal World as Host
tv movie 1967 Valley of the Dolls: A World Premiere Voyage as Himself
tv series 1966 Thrill Hunters as Host
tv series 1960 Flight to Adventure as Host
tv series 1958 Treasure as Host
movie 1943 Hitler's Children as Prof. Nichols' Student
movie 1938 The Night Hawk as Bobby McCormick
movie 1937 Captains Courageous as Charles
movie 1937 Fair Warning as Malcolm Berkhardt
movie 1937 Girl Overboard as Bobby Stacey
movie 1937 Idol of the Crowds as Bobby
movie 1937 It Happened in Hollywood as Billy - The Kid
movie 1937 The Man in Blue as Frankie as a Boy
movie 1936 Magnificent Brute as Pete Finney
movie 1936 Postal Inspector as Billy, The Boy
movie 1936 Pride of the Marines as Ulysses Simpson Smith
movie 1936 The Cowboy and the Kid as Jimmy Thomas
movie 1936 Two in a Crowd as Chet
movie 1935 His Night Out as Jimmie
movie 1935 Three Kids and a Queen as Doc

Bill Burrud on Youtube

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This is a clip from the 1958 TV series "Treasure with Bill Burrud".It's a true story about a colorful character named Ben Sublett and his secret gold mine.Th...

This clip of "Oak Island the Money Pit" is from the 1958 TV series "Treasure with Bill Burrud" which is now available on DVD from