Bill Cato

Bill Cato Filmography

movie 1916 Humanity
movie 1916 The Man in Him
movie 1915 A Bunch of Matches
movie 1915 A Christmas Revenge
movie 1915 A Coat Tale
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Card Sharp
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Claim Jumpers as Claim Jumper
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Escaped Bandit
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the False Note
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Lumber King
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Posse
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Sisters
movie 1915 Broncho Billy Evens Matters
movie 1915 Broncho Billy Misled
movie 1915 Broncho Billy Steps In
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Greaser Deputy as Billy's Deputy
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Love Affair
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Sentence as Bit part
movie 1915 His Regeneration as First Cop at House
movie 1915 How Slippery Slim Saw the Show
movie 1915 It Happened in Snakeville
movie 1915 Sentimental Sophie
movie 1915 Slippery Slim's Wedding Day
movie 1915 The Bachelor's Burglar
movie 1915 The Champion as First Sparring Partner
movie 1915 The Convict's Threat as Guard
movie 1915 The Escape of Broncho Billy as The Deputy
movie 1915 The Night That Sophie Graduated
movie 1915 When Love and Honor Called
movie 1915 When Slippery Slim Went for the Eggs
movie 1915 When Snakeville Struck Oil
movie 1914 A Hot Time in Snakeville
movie 1914 Broncho Billy -- Gun-Man
movie 1914 Broncho Billy and the Bad Man
movie 1914 Broncho Billy and the Greaser
movie 1914 Broncho Billy Rewarded
movie 1914 Broncho Billy Trapped
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Fatal Joke as The Store Clerk
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Scheme
movie 1914 Broncho Billy, the Vagabond
movie 1914 Slippery Slim -- Diplomat
movie 1914 Slippery Slim and His Tombstone
movie 1914 Slippery Slim's Stratagem as Laramie Joe
movie 1914 Snakeville's Home Guard
movie 1914 Snakeville's Reform Wave
movie 1914 Sophie Finds a Hero
movie 1914 Sophie Picks a Dead One as Violin Player
movie 1914 Sophie Starts Something
movie 1914 Sophie's Birthday Party
movie 1914 Sophie's Fatal Wedding
movie 1914 Sophie's Sweetheart as The Suitor
movie 1914 The Atonement
movie 1914 The Tell-Tale Hand
movie 1914 When Slippery Slim Met the Champion
movie 1913 Across the Rio Grande
movie 1913 Alkali Ike and the Hypnotist
movie 1913 At the Lariat's End as The Sheriff
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Capture as The Deputy
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Oath
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Squareness
movie 1913 Days of the Pony Express as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Broken Parole
movie 1913 The Episode at Cloudy Canyon
movie 1913 The Naming of the Rawhide Queen
movie 1913 The Rustler's Step-Daughter as Ranchman
movie 1913 The Three Gamblers
movie 1913 The Trail of the Snake Band as Tex Connors

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Broncho Billy comes between a Mexican thug and the young woman he is disturbing. The Mexican plots revenge for the insult and captures Billy. Cast Gilbert M..