Bill Coontz

Bill Coontz Filmography

movie 1978 Convoy as Old Iguana
movie 1977 Kingdom of the Spiders as Clyde
movie 1975 Gone with the West as Mimmo's Man
movie 1975 Smoke in the Wind as Stapp Huckaby
movie 1973 Guns of a Stranger as Ace Gorenum
movie 1972 Beware! The Blob as Bowling Alley Manager
movie 1969 Big Daddy
movie 1969 Heaven with a Gun as Townsman
movie 1966 Ride Beyond Vengeance as Barfly
tv movie 1965 Diamond Jim: Skulduggery in Samantha as Gang Member
movie 1965 The Bounty Killer as Henchman
movie 1965 The Glory Guys as Brawler
movie 1963 Gunfight at Comanche Creek as Express Clerk
movie 1963 Showdown as Barfly at Farewell
movie 1962 Shoot Out at Big Sag as Bill Hawker
movie 1962 Stakeout! as Benny
movie 1961 Bloodlust! as Insane man in woods
movie 1961 Buffalo Gun as Cocha
movie 1961 Gun Fight as Krag
movie 1961 Ole Rex
tv movie 1961 The Phantom as Guard
movie 1960 Noose for a Gunman as Torchy
movie 1960 The Girl in Lovers Lane as Bill Coontz
movie 1959 High School Big Shot
movie 1959 Lone Texan as Indian
movie 1959 Plunderers of Painted Flats as Bill
movie 1958 Buchanan Rides Alone as Townsman
movie 1958 Frankenstein's Daughter as First Victim - Warehouseman
movie 1958 Gunsmoke in Tucson as Lynch Mob Member
movie 1958 Man from God's Country as Henchman
movie 1958 Man or Gun as Corley Henchman
movie 1958 No Place to Land as Bill
movie 1958 She Demons as Storm Trooper
movie 1958 The Littlest Hobo as Attendant
movie 1957 Hell on Devil's Island as Convict
movie 1957 Pawnee as Wagon Train Member
movie 1957 Raiders of Old California as Turk
movie 1957 Ride Out for Revenge as Soldier
movie 1957 The Badge of Marshal Brennan as Cowhand
movie 1957 The Oklahoman as Dobie Henchman
movie 1956 Hidden Guns as Dave - Deputy
movie 1956 I Killed Wild Bill Hickok as Henchman
movie 1955 Apache Ambush as Jironza Renegade & Traeger Man
movie 1955 Duel on the Mississippi as Riverboat Patron
movie 1955 Seminole Uprising as Trooper
movie 1955 Seven Angry Men as Brown Follower
movie 1955 Wichita as Cowpuncher
movie 1954 Bitter Creek as Henchman
movie 1954 Cattle Queen of Montana as Indian
movie 1954 Sitting Bull as Trooper Foster
movie 1954 The Law vs. Billy the Kid as Garrett Posse Member
movie 1954 The Lawless Rider as Red Rooks
movie 1954 The Lone Gun as Townsman
movie 1954 Thunder Pass as Indian
movie 1953 Conquest of Cochise as Trooper
movie 1953 Cow Country as Rustler
movie 1953 Fort Vengeance as Mountie
movie 1953 Jack McCall Desperado as Trial Spectator
movie 1953 Jack Slade as Barfly
movie 1953 Kansas Pacific as Henchman
movie 1953 Niagara as Young Man
movie 1953 Pack Train as Barfly
movie 1953 Rebel City as Henchman
movie 1953 Son of the Renegade as Coontz
movie 1953 The Farmer Takes a Wife as Dancer
movie 1953 The Homesteaders as Trail Hand
movie 1953 The Marksman as Henchman
movie 1953 The Redhead from Wyoming as Gang Member
movie 1953 Thunder Over the Plains as Soldier
movie 1952 Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory as Foster - Henchman
movie 1952 Bugles in the Afternoon as Trooper
movie 1952 Canyon Ambush as Henchman Duncan
movie 1952 Dead Man's Trail as Stagecoach Driver
movie 1952 Fargo as Farmer
movie 1952 Fearless Fagan as Soldier
movie 1952 Lone Star as Townsman
movie 1952 Night Stage to Galveston as Texas Ranger
movie 1952 Texas City as Soldier
movie 1952 Waco as Ivers Henchman
movie 1951 Gold Raiders as Gold Guard
movie 1951 The Hoodlum as Gang Member
movie 1951 The Last Outpost as Party Guest
movie 1950 Border Outlaws as Deputy Tom
movie 1950 Outlaw Gold as Townsman

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