Bill Moseley

William "Bill" Moseley (born November 11, 1951) is an American film actor and musician who has starred in a number of cult classic horror films, including House of 1000 Corpses, Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil's Rejects. His first big role was in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as Chop Top. He has also released records with guitarist Buckethead in the band Cornbugs, as well as featuring on the guitarist's solo work. ... more on Wikipedia

Bill Moseley Filmography

movie 2015 Brothers Grimm: Pest Removal
movie 2015 Bruin Lake Aka Hell, Michigan as Jimmy
movie 2015 Charlie's Farm as John Wilson
movie 2015 The Totem as Nathan Slaughter
tv series 2015 Hell Hunters as Hazard
movie 2014 Big Top Evil as Mr. Kharver
movie 2014 Bitter
movie 2014 Cannibals as Roy
movie 2014 Dead AfterLife as Gravedigger Jaggers
movie 2014 Death House
video movie 2014 Disciples as Dread
movie 2014 Gear Man
movie 2014 Manson Girls as Charles Manson
movie 2014 Minutes to Midnight as Gimple
movie 2014 Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D as Johnny
movie 2014 Old 37 as Darryl
movie 2014 Smothered as Soggy Christian
movie 2014 Stingy Jack as Reverend Elliot Stark
movie 2014 The Art of Villainy as M?ster Nobody
movie 2014 The Church as Pastor James
movie 2014 The Mangled as Bill Bates
movie 2014 The Summer I Died as Skinny Man
movie 2013 House of the Witchdoctor as Peter Van Hooten
movie 2013 Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini as Himself
movie 2013 Texas Chainsaw 3D as Drayton Sawyer
movie 2012 Dead Souls as Sheriff Depford
video movie 2012 Eldorado as Lemmas
movie 2012 I Heart Monster Movies as Himself
movie 2012 Rogue River as Jon
movie 2012 The Devil's Carnival as The Magacian
movie 2012 The Infliction as Mr. O'Hara
movie 2011 Exit Humanity as General Williams
tv movie 2011 FEARnet's Movies with More Brains as Himself
movie 2011 Night of the Little Dead as Kickstand
video movie 2011 Spider Mountain: No Way Down as Ranger Bill
movie 2011 Underground Entertainment: The Movie as Bill
video movie 2010 2001 Maniacs: Behind the Screams as Himself
movie 2010 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams as Mayor George W. Buckman
movie 2010 Anderson's Cross as Mr. Daniels
movie 2010 Godkiller: Walk Among Us as Dr. West
movie 2010 The Tortured as John Kozlowski
video movie 2009 Babysitter Wanted: Behind the Scenes as Himself
movie 2009 Blood Night as Graveyard Gus
movie 2009 Dead Air as Logan
movie 2009 The Devil's Tomb as Prof. Duncan
movie 2009 The Graves as Caleb 'Cookie' Atwood
movie 2009 The Haunted World of El Superbeasto as Otis Driftwood
movie 2008 A Perfect Place as Eddie
video movie 2008 Alone in the Dark II as Dexter
movie 2008 Babysitter Wanted as Chief Dinneli
movie 2008 House as Stewart
movie 2008 One for the Fire: The Legacy of 'Night of the Living Dead' as Himself
movie 2008 Repo! The Genetic Opera as Luigi Largo
movie 2008 The Alphabet Killer as Carl Tanner
movie 2007 Alexa Vega Talks to Bill Moseley as Himself
movie 2007 Grindhouse as Dr. Heinrich von Strasser
movie 2007 Halloween as Zach 'Z-Man' Garrett
movie 2007 Home Sick as Mr. Suitcase
tv movie 2007 Scream Awards 2007 as Himself
video movie 2007 The Fearmakers Collection as Himself
video movie 2007 The Horrorhound as Himself
video movie 2006 A Dead Calling as Chief Murken
movie 2006 Evil Bong as Bong World Patron
movie 2006 Fallen Angels as Westin
movie 2006 Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film as Himself
video movie 2006 It Runs in the Family as Himself
video movie 2006 Texas Frightmare Weekend 2006 as Himself
movie 2006 Thr3e as Slater
video movie 2006 Vampira: The Movie as Himself
video movie 2006 Working with a Master: Tobe Hooper as Himself
video movie 2005 30 Days in Hell: The Making of 'The Devil's Rejects' as Himself - 'Otis'
movie 2005 The Devil's Rejects as Otis
movie 2004 UnConventional as Himself
movie 2003 House of 1000 Corpses as Otis
video movie 2003 Vicious as Walace
movie 2002 Essence of Echoes as Dr. Hilcott
tv movie 2002 Live from Baghdad as Rex
tv movie 2002 Point of Origin as Task Force Officer
video movie 2000 Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Shocking Truth as Himself
movie 2000 The Convent as Officer Ray
movie 1995 Evil Ed as Special voice appearance
video movie 1995 Prehysteria! 3 as Director
tv movie 1994 Blood Run as Hank
movie 1993 Mr. Jones as Worker
movie 1992 Army of Darkness as Deadite Captain
movie 1992 Honey I Blew Up the Kid as Federal Marshal
video movie 1992 Inside Out II as Dave
movie 1991 White Fang as Luke
video movie 1990 Crash and Burn as Quinn
movie 1990 Night of the Living Dead as Johnnie
movie 1990 The End of Innocence as Man on the Hill
movie 1990 The First Power as Bartender
movie 1989 Pink Cadillac as Darrell
video movie 1989 Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out! as Ricky
movie 1988 Mamba as Frank
movie 1988 The Blob as Soldier #2
movie 1986 Osa as Quilt Face
movie 1986 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as 'Chop-Top' Sawyer
movie 1982 Endangered Species as Cab Driver
movie Longwood as Mark Smith
movie Mugworth as Bellousinni
movie Skinny Dip as Hitchhiker
movie The Ballad of Sadie Grace as Buster Kant
movie The Monster Next Door as Noah
movie Zombificador

Bill Moseley on Youtube

Auf DVD von NewKSM. Der Psychoschocker "Dead Air" verbindet geschickt blutr├╝nstigen Zombiehorror mit schwei├čtreibenden Thriller- und Terrorelementen.

Director: John Geddes Stars: Brian Cox, Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, Mark Gibson and Stephen McHattie Exit Humanity is a story told through the written and ill...

Director: Corbin Bernsen Stars: Bill Moseley, David Moscow, Corbin Bernsen, Elle Travis Logan Burnhardt is the ego-king of the airwaves, but his unflappable ... This is the final official trailer for the "Godkiller: Walk Among Us" collected illustrated film (episodes 1-3), starring Lance Henriksen, D...