Bill Oberst Jr.

Bill Oberst Jr. (born November 21, 1965) is an American actor. His career includes projects in film, television, and one-man-show theater performances. He is best known for his portrayal of icon and humorist Lewis Grizzard, performed in theatrical tours across the southern United States. ... more on Wikipedia

Bill Oberst Jr. Filmography

movie 2015 Autumn Moon as William Cronen
movie 2015 Blood Angel as Icarus
movie 2015 Carny Girls
movie 2015 Circus of Dread as Baker
movie 2015 Earth Metal I - Epic of Manas as Zwillingvater
movie 2015 Evil's Toy as Gadriel
movie 2015 Lord Bateman as Lord Bateman
movie 2015 Slay Utterly as Ray Lee
movie 2015 The Affinity as Wade
movie 2015 The Straying as Clive Pullman
movie 2014 A Grim Becoming as Phill Looney
movie 2014 Assassins as Hargraves
movie 2014 Bodine as Eddie
movie 2014 Cell Count 2: Blood Count as Freemont
movie 2014 Children of Sorrow as Simon Leach
movie 2014 Circus of the Dead as Papa Corn
movie 2014 Clock Out as Rudy Breckam
movie 2014 Dead AfterLife as Robert Decker
movie 2014 Deadly Revisions as Grafton Torn
movie 2014 Dracula's War as Roman Van Helsing
movie 2014 Gilded Cage as Crazy Train
movie 2014 Haunted: 333 as Shadow Man
movie 2014 Legend as Mr. Glippen
movie 2014 Lost Canyon Road as Cready
movie 2014 Love Sick as Dr. Christian
movie 2014 Monumental as Earl
movie 2014 Savor the Kill as The Painter
movie 2014 Scream at the Devil as Job
movie 2014 Squeal: Blood Harvest as Uncle Ollie
movie 2014 Terrestrial as Elliot
movie 2014 The Black Chronicle as Mister
movie 2014 The Black Water Vampire as Raymond Banks
movie 2014 The Dooms Chapel Horror as Jordan
movie 2014 The Fetish Set as The Wolf
movie 2014 Werewolf Rises as Rhett
movie 2013 Bill Oberst Jr.: A Cinematic Hero as Himself
movie 2013 Blackout as Rommel Stanton
video movie 2013 Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey
movie 2013 Coyote as Bill
movie 2013 Ditch as Vick
movie 2013 Gone Dark as Mick
movie 2013 Grooming Giselle as Lenny
video movie 2013 Jet-Lagged as Maniac
movie 2013 Krampus: The Christmas Devil as Brian Hatt
movie 2013 Legend of the Red Reaper as Leonidas
movie 2013 Noon as Knowles
movie 2013 Rock and Roll: The Movie as Mo
movie 2013 The Abandoned Project X as Marcus
movie 2013 The Blood Let as Glasscock
tv movie 2013 The Confession as Samuel Lapp
movie 2013 The Den as Skeeter
movie 2013 The Retrieval as Burrell
movie 2013 The Screaming Room as Dean
video movie 2012 1334 as Rozz Williams
video movie 2012 Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies as Abraham Lincoln
tv movie 2012 AMC Fearfest as Elliot Cruise
movie 2012 Apostle Peter and the Last Supper as Ragged Man
movie 2012 Armynel as Daddy
movie 2012 Confessions of a Self-Hating Jew as Adolf Eichmann
movie 2012 Excision as Courtier
movie 2012 Prairie Dogs as Billy
movie 2012 Resolution as Byron
movie 2012 Scary or Die as Buck
movie 2012 Skitta Merink as Harold
movie 2012 Something Wicked Dwells
movie 2012 The Beast as Michel
movie 2012 The Curse as Midian
movie 2012 The Disappointment of Jonathan Bender as Scarry Man
video movie 2012 The Doosh as Photographer
movie 2012 The Famous Joe Project as Stranger
video movie 2011 A Haunting in Salem as Wayne Downs
movie 2011 Assassins as Nathan
video movie 2011 Born Bad as Gary
movie 2011 Highclimber as Franklin
movie 2011 Nefarious: Merchant of Souls as Trafficker
movie 2011 Nobody Loses All the Time as Gordon
video movie 2011 Princess and the Pony as Theodore Snyder
movie 2011 Red Dirt Rising as Buck
tv movie 2011 Rogue as George
movie 2011 Take This Lollipop as The Facebook Stalker
tv movie 2011 The Shunning as Samuel Lapp
movie 2011 The Symphony as Chancelor
movie 2011 VIViD as The Mysterious One
movie 2010 Alone as Killer
movie 2010 Anica II: Enemy of the Region as Agent
movie 2010 Appleton as Marv
movie 2010 Behind the Scenes: Callous as Himself
movie 2010 Brooklyn as Connor
movie 2010 Day 20 as Ray
movie 2010 Death Panel as Man in Black
movie 2010 Desert Son as Step Dad
movie 2010 Dogs of Chinatown as Vitario
movie 2010 Forfeit of Grace as Victor
movie 2010 Good Friday as Priest
movie 2010 Nude Nuns with Big Guns as Brother John
movie 2010 Ripped Memories as Harold
movie 2010 The Devil Within as Principal Edwards
movie 2009 Altered Design as Dr. Elliot Beverly
movie 2009 Callous as Little Joe
movie 2009 Civil as Sniper
movie 2009 Civil as The Sniper
movie 2009 Dismal as Dale
movie 2009 Grilling Bobby Hicks as Juan
movie 2009 Meat Cute as Charlie
video movie 2009 Misconception as Bill
video movie 2009 Nowhere Mary as The Stranger
movie 2009 Wesley as Peter Boehler
movie 2008 Chuck as Chuck Langley
movie 2008 Ten Pistols as Klosterman
movie 2008 The Secret Life of Bees as Sheriff Gaston
tv movie 2007 Sherman's March as General William Tecumseh Sherman
movie 2007 Target: Audience as Nathan Breger
movie 2007 The Street Cleaner as Jeremy Cooper, The Street Cleaner

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