Bill Pacer

Bill Pacer Filmography

movie 2014 Blackbird as Creepy Guy
movie 2014 Continuum as The Preacher
movie 2014 Good Wood as Joe Blow
movie 2014 Sick People as Dead Patient
movie 2013 Second Wind Storms McKenzie Farms as Ben
tv series 2013 Idle Talk as Himself
movie 2012 Annaliese: A Love Story as George Kacey
movie 2012 Birds of a Feather as Attorney
movie 2012 Carl as Preacher Man
movie 2012 Greyhound Therapy as Old Man
movie 2012 If I Am Your Mirror as Old Man
movie 2012 Illusory as Restaurant Patron
movie 2012 LaDonna as Bill
movie 2012 Mama's Boy as Emmanuel Crenshaw
movie 2012 Midnight Cabaret as Biker
movie 2012 Redemption 316 as Male Guard 1
movie 2012 Symphonys Target as Duke Martyn
movie 2012 The Black Book as Kidnapper
movie 2012 The Doorway as Undertaker
movie 2012 The Suicide Blogs as Ernie
movie 2012 The Watch as Older orgy dude
video movie 2012 The Wolf as Death Angel
movie 2012 When Love Was Simple as Al
movie 2011 Bone'yeerd as The Overseer
movie 2011 Demonica's Reign as Prophet
movie 2011 Jesus Air as Revivalist
movie 2011 The Wanderer as The Guide
movie 2011 TSC 3: Dawn of the Apocalypse as Zac Jensen
movie 2010 A Summer's Walk as Edward
movie 2010 Fighting Angels: Exodus as Byron Hawthorne
movie 2010 The Dinner Guest as Grampa
movie 2010 Wrong Place Wrong Time as the BOSS
tv movie 2009 Ben 10: Alien Swarm as Factory Worker Zombie
movie 2009 Five Days in the 'A' as Mr. Kuma
movie 2009 Love Fever as Father's Friend
video movie 2009 Money Power & Respect as Mr. Black
movie 2009 Paper Boys as Hanson
video movie 2009 Plague of the Damned as Keller
movie 2009 Rules as Dominick Calone
movie 2009 The People v. Leo Frank as Juror #2
movie 2009 UseD as Vadik
video movie 2009 Van Wilder: Freshman Year as 2 Star General
movie 2009 Wesley as First Mate
movie 2008 Bloom as Alien
movie 2008 Coming Soon as Johnson
movie 2008 Golgotha as Goblin
movie 2008 Kiss: Goodbye as The Stranger
video movie 2008 Scream Farm as Fleshy Zombie
movie 2007 Alabaster as Ernie
movie 2007 Shadow as Neil Bonds
movie 2007 The Incredible Happenings of Avery Goodman as The Courier
movie 2006 Jesus H. Zombie as Tex
video movie 2006 Zombie Outbreak as Caretaker
movie Blood Reign as Daecoste
movie Prosper as Ghostly Spirit

Bill Pacer on Youtube

I am the featured bad guy in this trailer from the film, "Metal Detector."

Bill Pacer is Ben Franklin in this clip from a PSA for the Georgia Independence Day Festival in Henry County, GA.

Brandon McCormick directed this exquisite tale based on the story of the prodigal son. I had the privilege of playing Ernie. Ironically, the day before we fi...

Benjamin Cheek directed the fun film "The Time Machine," with Bill Pacer starring in this scene as The Professor.