Bill Patton

George William Patton (October 7, 1912 ? March 15, 1986) was a former professional baseball player. He was a catcher for one season (1935) with the Philadelphia Athletics. For his career, he compiled a .300 batting average in 12 at-bats, with two runs batted in. ... more on Wikipedia

Bill Patton Filmography

movie 1943 The Desperadoes as Cattleman
movie 1942 Deep in the Heart of Texas as Bartender
movie 1942 Little Joe, the Wrangler as Miner
movie 1942 Prairie Pals as Townsman
movie 1940 Bad Man from Red Butte as Townsman
movie 1940 Bullet Code as Townsman
movie 1940 The Cheyenne Kid as Deputy
movie 1939 Arizona Legion as Army Scout Tex
movie 1939 Henry Goes Arizona as Brings Food to Party
movie 1939 The Marshal of Mesa City as Bill
movie 1939 The Pal from Texas as Man in Bar
movie 1939 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle as Bit Part
movie 1938 Gun Law as Bartender
movie 1938 Rawhide as Rancher on Phone
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as Henchman
movie 1938 The Old Barn Dance as Tractor Owner
movie 1938 The Purple Vigilantes as Townsman
movie 1938 The Spider's Web as Henchman with Whitey
movie 1937 Battle of Greed as Barfly
movie 1937 Hollywood Round-Up as Jail Deputy
movie 1937 Island Captives as Henchman Red
movie 1937 Law for Tombstone as Henchman
movie 1937 Law of the Ranger as Henchman
movie 1937 Riders of the Dawn as Henchman
movie 1937 Sudden Bill Dorn as Street Brawler
movie 1937 The Mysterious Pilot as Pop
movie 1937 The Old Wyoming Trail as Man at Dance
movie 1937 The Singing Outlaw as Green River Gang Member
movie 1937 Two Gun Law as Hammond Cowhand Guarding Prisoners
movie 1937 Valley of Terror as Barfly
movie 1937 Westbound Mail as Henchman
movie 1936 A Tenderfoot Goes West as Henchman Bill
movie 1936 Aces Wild as Townsman
movie 1936 Border Caballero as Spectator
movie 1936 Desert Guns as Sheriff Slade
movie 1936 Frontier Justice as Barfly
movie 1936 Guns and Guitars as Man with Holes in Hat
movie 1936 Stormy Trails as Circle U Hand
movie 1936 Treachery Rides the Range as Dying Soldier
movie 1936 Valley of the Lawless as Barfly
movie 1936 Wild Horse Round-Up as Doan's Clerk
movie 1935 Arizona Trails as Bob Bronson
movie 1935 Between Men as Brawler
movie 1935 Blazing Guns as Lead Henchman
movie 1935 Border Vengeance as Jack
movie 1935 Danger Trails as Townsman
movie 1935 Desert Mesa as Pete
movie 1935 Five Bad Men as Bad Man #2
movie 1935 Gun Smoke as Henchman
movie 1935 Justice of the Range as Cowboy
movie 1935 Lawless Riders as Barfly
movie 1935 Outlaw Rule as Henchman
movie 1935 Pals of the Range as Stranger who identifies Steve
movie 1935 Square Shooter as Miller Rider
movie 1935 Stone of Silver Creek as Barfly
movie 1935 Swifty as Bill - Barfly
movie 1935 The Cactus Kid as Barfly
movie 1935 The Cowboy and the Bandit as Luke Short
movie 1935 The Ghost Rider as Henchman Max
movie 1935 The Law of 45's as Irate Rancher in Saloon
movie 1935 The Man from Guntown as Salerno Wagon Driver
movie 1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog as Barfly
movie 1935 The Silver Bullet as Gambler
movie 1934 Fighting Through as Henchman Bill
movie 1934 Gunfire as Onion Peeler
movie 1934 Honor of the Range as Cowhand
movie 1934 Prescott Kid as Townsman
movie 1934 Rocky Rhodes as Townsman
movie 1934 Smoking Guns as Henchman
movie 1934 The Brand of Hate as Ranch Hand
movie 1934 The Man from Hell as Henchman Bill
movie 1934 The Rawhide Terror as Renegade
movie 1934 The Way of the West as Buck
movie 1934 The Westerner as Lockhart Cowhand
movie 1934 Twisted Rails as Henchman
movie 1934 When a Man Sees Red as Cowhand
movie 1933 Gordon of Ghost City as Bill
movie 1933 King of the Arena as Ace Cooper
movie 1933 Phantom Thunderbolt as Bill
movie 1933 Strawberry Roan as Slim
movie 1933 The Fighting Parson as Posse Rider
movie 1933 The Lone Avenger as Townsman Talking to Winters
movie 1933 The Mysterious Rider as Deputy
movie 1932 Battling Buckaroo as Duke Lawson
movie 1932 Guns for Hire as Joe Patron
movie 1932 Law and Lawless as Henchman
movie 1932 Sundown Rider as Joe
movie 1932 The Sunset Trail as Henchman
movie 1932 Tombstone Canyon as Bill
movie 1932 Whistlin' Dan as Cantina Barfly
movie 1931 Alias the Bad Man as Barfly
movie 1931 Battling with Buffalo Bill as Messenger
movie 1931 Border Law as Henchman
movie 1931 Desert Vengeance as Bill, McBride Rider
movie 1931 The Fighting Sheriff as Henchman Bill
movie 1931 Three Rogues as Henchman
movie 1930 Beau Bandit as Posse Member
movie 1930 The Arizona Kid as Saloon Guard
movie 1930 The Dawn Trail as Cattleman
movie 1930 The Indians Are Coming as Deputy [Chs. 2, 3]
movie 1930 The Lone Star Ranger as Stage Driver
movie 1930 Western Knights
movie 1929 A Close Call
movie 1929 Below the Deadline as Johnston
movie 1929 In Line of Duty
movie 1929 Pals of the Prairie as Pete Sangor
movie 1929 The Freckled Rascal as Bill Latham
movie 1929 The One Man Dog as Gadsky
movie 1929 The White Outlaw as Ted Williams
movie 1929 Two Gun Morgan
movie 1928 Orphan of the Sage as 'Nevada' Naldene
movie 1928 The Apache Raider as Henchman
movie 1928 The Bantam Cowboy as Chuck Rogers
movie 1928 The Pinto Kid as Rufe Sykes
movie 1928 Yellow Contraband as Rawhide
movie 1928 Young Whirlwind as Bart
movie 1927 The Flying U Ranch as Happy Jack
movie 1926 Beyond the Trail as Bill
movie 1926 Fort Frayne as Royle Farrar
movie 1926 Lucky Spurs
movie 1926 The Last Chance as Bill Dexter
movie 1926 The Winning of Barbara Worth as Little Rosebud
movie 1926 Under Fire as Lt. Tom Brennan
movie 1926 Western Trails
movie 1925 Battling Travers as Bull Durham
movie 1925 Fangs of Fate as Bob Haynes
movie 1925 Fightin' Odds as Bruce Martin
movie 1925 Flashing Steeds as Bill Swift
movie 1925 Tonio, Son of the Sierras as Henchman
movie 1925 Warrior Gap as Courier
movie 1924 A Game Fighter
movie 1924 Ace of the Law as Bill Kennedy
movie 1924 Battlin' Buckaroo
movie 1924 Fast and Furious
movie 1924 Fightin' Thru
movie 1924 The Desert Secret
movie 1924 The Last Man
movie 1924 The Smoking Trails as Bob Norton, a Texas Ranger
movie 1923 Cyclone Jones as Kirk Davis
movie 1923 Growing Better
movie 1923 Steel-Shod Evidence as Seth Cain
movie 1923 The American Toreador as Bill
movie 1922 Alias Phil Kennedy
movie 1922 Bulldog Courage as Sheriff Weber
movie 1922 Tracks as Norman Draper
movie 1921 Outlawed as Bob Fleming
movie 1920 Blazing the Way
movie 1920 Sand as Pete Beckett
movie 1920 The Toll Gate as Hank Simmons
movie 1919 A Sagebrush Hamlet as Larry's pal
movie 1919 Bare-Fisted Gallagher as Driver #1
movie 1919 Leave It to Susan as Undetermined Role
movie 1918 Wild Life as Bill
movie 1917 The Boss of the Lazy Y as Dade
movie 1917 When a Man Sees Red

Bill Patton on Youtube

Bill Patton covers Billie Jean. Columbia City Theater, December 2011.

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