Bill Porter

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Bill Porter Filmography

movie 2015 Devil's Choice
movie 2015 Escaping the Holocaust as Nazi Officer Joseph
movie 2015 InFAMEus as Sheetz
movie 2014 Dominion as Private Hawkins
movie 2014 Killing Angels
movie 2014 Newark Ave. as Sal the Knife
tv series 2013 Bimbo as Cole
tv series 2013 Bleeding Out as William
movie 2012 Argo as Publicist
movie 2012 Call to Action as Casting Director
movie 2012 Tragedy of a Mother and Son as Mr. Stevens
movie 2011 Cornered as Commander Baker
movie 2011 Miami Vice Los Angeles as Bad Guy #1
movie 2011 Shooting for Something Else as Al
movie 2011 Shooting for Tomorrow as Bill
movie 2011 Tainted Rose as John
movie 2011 Tomorrow's End as Davis
movie 2010 Heavy Metal Strawberry Pickers as Richie Primo
movie 2010 The Real Wise Guys of Los Angeles as Frank
movie 2010 The Riverside Shuffle as The Boss
movie 2009 Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated
movie 2008 Doody Pants as Teacher
movie 2007 G.S.I.: Ghost Services International as Agent Rollins
movie The Death of Glam Rock as Richie Primo

Bill Porter on Youtube

This is a trailer for our upcoming video, "Bill Porter, door to door salesman." we hope to have this video released very soon!! keep an eye out for it. Also ...

Trecho inicial do Filme "De Porta em Porta", que conta a história do super-vendedor Bill Porter. Confira!

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