Bill Walker

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Bill Walker Filmography

movie 1980 Deer in the Works as Pensioner
movie 1978 The Wiz as The Wiz Singers Adult Choir
movie 1977 A Piece of the Action as Clair Hurst
movie 1977 Billy Jack Goes to Washington as Security Guard
movie 1977 The Choirboys as Tilden
movie 1977 Twilight's Last Gleaming as Willard
movie 1976 Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy as Texas Oil Man
movie 1974 Lost in the Stars
tv movie 1974 The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman as Elder Banks
movie 1973 Maurie as Stokes
tv movie 1973 The President's Plane Is Missing as Thomas
tv movie 1972 Another Part of the Forest as Jacob
movie 1971 Big Jake as Moses Brown
tv movie 1971 The Last Child as Dining Car Waiter
movie 1970 ...tick... tick... tick... as John Sawyer
movie 1970 The Great White Hope as Deacon
movie 1969 A Dream of Kings as Kampana
movie 1969 Riot as Jake
tv movie 1968 Shadow on the Land as Arnold
movie 1968 Three Guns for Texas as Ulmer Applin
movie 1968 Uptight as Bartender
movie 1967 The Last Challenge as Joey Moon Eagle - Servant
movie 1966 Dimension 5 as Slim
movie 1966 Our Man Flint as American Diplomat
tv movie 1966 U-238 and the Witch Doctor as Chief Douanga
movie 1965 The Third Day as Logan
movie 1964 Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte as Chauffeur
movie 1964 Kisses for My President as Joseph
movie 1963 4 for Texas as Attendant
movie 1963 Wall of Noise as Money
movie 1962 To Kill a Mockingbird as Reverend Sykes
movie 1962 Walk on the Wild Side as Black Man
movie 1961 Ada as William, Servant
movie 1961 Boy Who Caught a Crook as Keeper
movie 1961 King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein as Bartender at Gambling House
movie 1959 Porgy and Bess as Undertaker
movie 1959 Take a Giant Step as Frank, the Bartender
movie 1959 The Mating Game as Servant
movie 1958 Hot Spell as Attendant
movie 1958 Ride a Crooked Trail as Jackson
movie 1958 The Long, Hot Summer as Lucius
movie 1957 Raintree County as Old George
movie 1956 A Kiss Before Dying as Bill, the Butler
movie 1956 Everything But the Truth as Waiter
movie 1956 You Can't Run Away from It as Norville, the Butler
movie 1955 A Man Called Peter as The Whiting's Butler
movie 1955 Good Morning, Miss Dove as Henry - Dove Butler
movie 1955 I'll Cry Tomorrow as Porter
movie 1955 Prince of Players as Old Ben
movie 1955 Queen Bee as Sam
movie 1955 The Big Knife as Russell
movie 1955 The Far Horizons as Tom
movie 1955 The View from Pompey's Head as Pullman Porter
movie 1954 Killer Leopard as Jonas
movie 1954 The Gambler from Natchez as Rivage's Butler
movie 1954 The Golden Idol as Nadji
movie 1954 The Outcast as Sam Allen
movie 1953 Bright Road as Jake Young - C.T.'s Father
movie 1953 Cry of the Hunted as Dock Attendant
movie 1953 Jamaica Run as Human
movie 1953 Jungle Drums of Africa as Chief Douanga
movie 1953 Rebel City as William
movie 1953 Sangaree as Priam
movie 1953 The Girl Who Had Everything as Julian
movie 1953 The I Don't Care Girl as Cook
movie 1953 The Mississippi Gambler as Dureau Butler
movie 1953 The President's Lady as Uncle Alfred
movie 1952 Bloodhounds of Broadway as Uncle Old Fella
movie 1952 Bomba and the Jungle Girl as The Wards' Headman
movie 1952 Lydia Bailey as General LaPlume
movie 1952 Night Without Sleep as Henry
movie 1952 Ruby Gentry as Bartender
movie 1952 Stars and Stripes Forever as Train Porter
movie 1952 Tarzan's Savage Fury as Native Chief
movie 1952 The Story of Will Rogers as Train Porter
movie 1952 Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie as Robert Waverly Ferris aka Trooper
movie 1951 Angels in the Outfield as Waiter on Train
movie 1951 Anne of the Indies as British Club Servant
movie 1951 Follow the Sun as Golf Club Waiter Lee
movie 1951 Francis Goes to the Races as Sam
movie 1951 Lightning Strikes Twice as The Nolans' Butler
movie 1951 The Family Secret as Larry
movie 1951 The Harlem Globetrotters as Prof. Turner
movie 1951 The Well as Dr. Billings
movie 1950 Bright Leaf as Simon - Singleton's Butler
movie 1950 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone as Pullman Porter
movie 1950 Peggy as Porter
movie 1950 Woman in Hiding as Porter
movie 1950 Young Man with a Horn as Black Minister
movie 1949 Africa Screams as Interpreter
movie 1949 Bad Boy as Ollie, the Cook
movie 1949 Bomba on Panther Island as Luke
movie 1949 Free for All as Herbert
movie 1949 Sand as Sam
movie 1948 Canon City as Prisoner
movie 1948 I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes as Prisoner
movie 1948 Larceny as Butler
movie 1948 No Time for Romance
movie 1948 Sun Tan Ranch
movie 1948 The Golden Eye as Henchman
movie 1948 When My Baby Smiles at Me as Porter
movie 1947 The Foxes of Harrow as Ty Demon
movie 1946 Swell Guy as Porter
movie 1946 The Falcon's Adventure as Train Porter
movie 1946 The Killers as Sam
movie 1946 Three Little Girls in Blue as Captain of Waiters

Bill Walker on Youtube

red six would be proud.

Bill walker scored 15 points on 6/10 shooting, and grabs 7 rebounds in 22 minutes of play.


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