Billy Dee

Billy Dee Williams (born April 6, 1937) is an American actor, artist, singer and writer, best known for his role as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars films as well as being a pitchman for Colt 45 malt liquor. ... more on Wikipedia

Billy Dee Filmography

video movie 2008 Assfucking in the 80's
video movie 1999 Swedish Erotica Four Hour, Vol. 19
movie 1998 There's Something About Mary as Rest Stop Couple
video movie 1998 Vampire Call Girls as The Band
movie 1996 Return of Dr. Blacklove
video movie 1996 Suburban Swingers 2
video movie 1995 Tell Me Something Dirty
video movie 1993 Beeches
video movie 1993 Hollywood Exposed 2
video movie 1993 Private Video Magazine 2
video movie 1992 Boobs Butts and Bloopers 1
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Golden Age
video movie 1991 All Night Long
video movie 1991 Indecent Proposals
video movie 1991 Kelly Blue Pumps Up
video movie 1991 Naughty Nymphs
video movie 1991 Stars Who Do Deep Throat
video movie 1990 A Taste of Vanessa
video movie 1990 Bend Over Babes
video movie 1990 Inner Blues as Barney
movie 1990 Lost Lovers
video movie 1990 Mistaken Identity
movie 1990 New Sensations
movie 1990 One More Time
video movie 1990 Only the Best of Barbara Dare
video movie 1990 Parting Shots
video movie 1990 Personal Best
video movie 1990 Plenty of Pleasure as Foursome Guy
video movie 1990 Sex Charades
video movie 1990 The Buttnicks
movie 1990 Undressed for Success
video movie 1990 Sea of Lust
movie 1989 976-STUD
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 31
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 32
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 33
movie 1989 After the Lights Go Out
movie 1989 Anal Intruder 3
movie 1989 Bare Essence as Dick Jensen, PI
movie 1989 Berlin Caper
video movie 1989 Blue Movie as Rick Daytona
movie 1989 Bo-dacious
video movie 1989 Bodies in Heat... the Sequel as Mandy
video movie 1989 Bring on the Virgins
movie 1989 But Can She Type?
video movie 1989 Casino Fortune as Daniel Denker
video movie 1989 Caught in the Act as Todd Hard
movie 1989 China Bitch
movie 1989 Club Sex
video movie 1989 Deep Throat Fantasy
video movie 1989 Deep Throat III as Street Boy
movie 1989 Desert Foxes
video movie 1989 Dirty Movies
movie 1989 Fondle with Care
video movie 1989 Friday the 13th: Part 2 - The Next Generation as Tyree
movie 1989 Hard at Work
movie 1989 Hot in the City as Christine's Husband
video movie 1989 Hot Service
video movie 1989 Lets Get Wet as Mike
video movie 1989 Made in Germany
video movie 1989 Mystic Pieces
video movie 1989 Nasty Nights
movie 1989 Once Upon a Time
movie 1989 One for the Road
movie 1989 One Wife to Give
video movie 1989 Open House as Mr. Sommers, Realtor
movie 1989 Orgies
movie 1989 Peeping Passions
video movie 1989 Perils of Paula as Butcher Bates
video movie 1989 Queen of Hearts
movie 1989 Route 69
video movie 1989 She Wolves of the SS
video movie 1989 Sheer Haven as Detective Marty
movie 1989 Snapshots: Confessions of a Video Voyeur
video movie 1989 Soaking Wet
movie 1989 Sound F/X
movie 1989 Sweet Temptations
movie 1989 Tamara's Dreams
movie 1989 Temptations of an Angel
video movie 1989 The Bitches of Westwood
movie 1989 The Sex Life of Mata Hari as Durrand
video movie 1989 The Young and the Wrestling 2 as Sheik Abdul Abba Dabba Dubi
movie 1989 Uniform Behavior
movie 1989 Wet Kink
video movie 1989 What a Cuntry
movie 1989 Wildheart
video movie 1989 Young Girls in Tight Jeans as Ling
video movie 1989 Making the Grade
movie 1989 Moonglow
movie 1988 A Hard Act to Swallow
movie 1988 A Natural Woman
video movie 1988 Afro Erotica 22
video movie 1988 Afro Erotica 25
video movie 1988 Afro Erotica 26
video movie 1988 Afro Erotica 27
movie 1988 Alice in Black Land
movie 1988 Alice in Whiteland
movie 1988 Amanda by Night 2 as Billy the Kid
movie 1988 Anal Intruder 2
video movie 1988 Backdoor Lust
movie 1988 Ball Street
video movie 1988 Bigger the Better 1
movie 1988 Black Rage
video movie 1988 Black Satin Nights
video movie 1988 Blow Job Babes
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 48
video movie 1988 Broadcast Nudes
video movie 1988 Built for Sex
movie 1988 California Native
movie 1988 Coming Alive
video movie 1988 Coming in America
video movie 1988 Debbie 4 Hire
video movie 1988 Debbie Goes to Hawaii
video movie 1988 Debbie: 'Class of '88' as Man on Staircase
movie 1988 Dirty Dr. Feelgood
movie 1988 Erotic Rendezvous
video movie 1988 Fatal Passion
video movie 1988 Find Your Love
movie 1988 Fireball
movie 1988 For Your Love
movie 1988 Frisky Fables
video movie 1988 Gazongas 2
video movie 1988 Grind! as Dominic
movie 1988 HHHHot! TV 2
video movie 1988 Hitler Sucks as Goerhing
movie 1988 Honky Tonk Angels
video movie 1988 How to Get Ahead...
movie 1988 I Cream of Genie as Jeff
movie 1988 I Found My Thrill on Cheri Hill
movie 1988 Indecent Proposals
movie 1988 Inn of Sin
movie 1988 Joanna's Dreams as The Decorator
video movie 1988 K.U.N.T. T.V.
movie 1988 Le Hot Club
video movie 1988 Liquid Love as Carl
movie 1988 Little French Maids
video movie 1988 Loose Ends IV: The Ultimate Tail as Guy in Sunglasses
video movie 1988 Loose Lifstyles as Boyfriend
video movie 1988 Lost Innocence
movie 1988 Love on the Run as Bill
movie 1988 Lucky in Love 2
movie 1988 Lust Connection
video movie 1988 Make Out
movie 1988 Mammary Lane
movie 1988 Matched Pairs
video movie 1988 Moonlusting II
movie 1988 Object of My Desire
video movie 1988 Peepers
movie 1988 Piece of Heaven
movie 1988 Platinum Princess
video movie 1988 Pleasure Principle
movie 1988 Pretty Peaches 2 as Dirty Cousin
movie 1988 Rachel Ryan RR
video movie 1988 Reamin' Reunion as Bill
video movie 1988 Rear Busters
movie 1988 Rhine Waltz
movie 1988 Ruthless Women
video movie 1988 Secrets of My Sexcess...
video movie 1988 Sex Asylum III
video movie 1988 Soul Games
video movie 1988 St. X-Where Part II: The Hospital as Hoppy Sax
movie 1988 Star Tricks
video movie 1988 Stormi
video movie 1988 Suite Sensations as Jay
movie 1988 Telemates
movie 1988 The Black Anal-ist
movie 1988 The Eleventh Commandment
movie 1988 The Erotic Adventures of Bonnie & Clyde as Clyde
video movie 1988 The Master of Pleasure
movie 1988 The P.T.X. Club
video movie 1988 The Screwdriver Saloon
video movie 1988 This Is Your Sex Life as TIYSL Player #4
movie 1988 Three for All
video movie 1988 Viper's Place
movie 1988 Wet Kisses
video movie 1988 Wild Oral Erotica
video movie 1987 A Taste of the Best Volume 2
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 1
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 10
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 19
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 20
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 8
movie 1987 Amos and Candy
video movie 1987 Angel Kelly Raw as Steve Furber
video movie 1987 Angel's Got to Have It
video movie 1987 Barbara Dare's Prime Choice
movie 1987 Barbara the Barbarian as Solomon
video movie 1987 Black Magic as Lucas
video movie 1987 Black Magic Sex Clinic
video movie 1987 Black Moon Rising as Larry
movie 1987 Born to Be Maid as Derek
video movie 1987 Breakin' All the Rules
movie 1987 California Blondes
movie 1987 California Blondes 2
video movie 1987 Captain Hooker & Peter Porn
movie 1987 Caught from Behind 7
movie 1987 China White
video movie 1987 Chocolate Chips
movie 1987 Circus Acts
movie 1987 Dana Lynn's Hot All Over
movie 1987 Debbie Duz Dishes III
movie 1987 Deep Obsession
movie 1987 Deviled X
video movie 1987 Diamond Collection Double X 4
video movie 1987 Diamond Head as Jack
video movie 1987 Dirty Blondes
movie 1987 Doctor Lust as Johnny's Friend
video movie 1987 Dr. Blacklove
movie 1987 Dr. Juice's Love Potion
movie 1987 Dynamic Vices as Lt. Smiley
movie 1987 Flesh for Frankenstein as Igor
movie 1987 Friday the 13th: A Nude Beginning
video movie 1987 Fun House
video movie 1987 Furburgers (Home of the Box Lunch)
movie 1987 Good 'n' Plenty
video movie 1987 Good Vibrations
video movie 1987 Guess Who Came at Dinner as Douglas MacArthur Armstrong
movie 1987 Hot Numbers
video movie 1987 Jack Hammer
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
video movie 1987 Lessons in Lust as Peter
movie 1987 Little Bit o' Honey
video movie 1987 Little Shop of Whores
movie 1987 Mad About You as Janos
movie 1987 Mardi Gras Passions
movie 1987 Max Bedroom
video movie 1987 Motel Sweets
movie 1987 Much More Than a Mouthful
video movie 1987 Naked Stranger
video movie 1987 Nudes at Eleven II
video movie 1987 Oral Mania! as Guy in Tan Suit
movie 1987 Out of Control as Mick
video movie 1987 Party Animals
video movie 1987 Passion Chain as Dee Thomas
movie 1987 Passionate Heiress as Julio
movie 1987 Peek-a-Boo
movie 1987 Phone Sex Girls 2
movie 1987 Playpen
movie 1987 Pleasure Game
video movie 1987 Raising Hell
video movie 1987 Ramb-Ohh: The Sex Platoon as Terrorist
movie 1987 Restless Nights
video movie 1987 Robofox as Male nurse
movie 1987 San Fernando Valley Girls as Male Exotic
movie 1987 Secrets Behind the Green Door
movie 1987 Sextrology as Steve
movie 1987 Sexy Delights II
video movie 1987 Sinset Boulevard
video movie 1987 Sky Foxes
movie 1987 Strange Love
video movie 1987 Strictly Business
video movie 1987 Strip-Search
movie 1987 Sweet Things
movie 1987 Sweet Tricks
video movie 1987 Tales of the Uncensored
video movie 1987 Tastes Like Candy
video movie 1987 The Adventures of Dick Black, the Black Dick
video movie 1987 The Art of Passion as The Boy
video movie 1987 The Best Little Whorehouse in Hong Kong
video movie 1987 The Boss
video movie 1987 The Huntress
movie 1987 The Mischief Maker
video movie 1987 The Night Before as Armando
movie 1987 The Passion Within
video movie 1987 The Torrid Zone
movie 1987 The Touchables
movie 1987 Tight Fit
movie 1987 Unveiled
video movie 1987 Where There's Smoke There Is Fire
movie 1987 Who Came in the Back Door?
movie 1987 Who's Dat Girl
video movie 1987 Wild Stuff
movie 1987 WPINK-TV 3 as Nick
video movie 1987 Yiddish Erotica: Volume 1
movie 1987 You Bring Out the Animal in Me
video movie 1986 Another Kind of Love
movie 1986 Beverly Hills Cox as Michael
movie 1986 Beyond Desire as Howie 'Manny' Mann
movie 1986 Black Girls Do It Better
movie 1986 Black Taboo 2
movie 1986 Body Games
video movie 1986 Born to Run: The Careena Collins Story
video movie 1986 Caught from Behind V: Blondes & Blacks as Billie
movie 1986 Cheating
movie 1986 Cheek to Cheek as The Black Guy
video movie 1986 Classic Swedish Erotica 1
video movie 1986 Club Exotica
video movie 1986 Club Exotica II: Part Two - The Next Day...
video movie 1986 Commando Lovers
video movie 1986 Cornholed Hussies
video movie 1986 Corporate Affairs
video movie 1986 Daddy's Darling Daughters as Biker 1
video movie 1986 Debbie Duz Dishes as Hank
movie 1986 Debbie Goes to College as Dorm Boy
video movie 1986 Doing the Harlem Shuffle as Willy
movie 1986 Double Dare
movie 1986 E.X.
video movie 1986 Fantasies as Billy
video movie 1986 Flasher as Fred
movie 1986 Gail Force and Friends XXX Workout
video movie 1986 Girl Toys as Jimmy the Masseur
movie 1986 Hometown Honeys as Leroy
movie 1986 Hot & Nasty
movie 1986 Hot Chocolate II
movie 1986 Hot Rocks as Jim
movie 1986 In All the Right Places
video movie 1986 Innocent Taboo as Emillio
movie 1986 Irresistible II
movie 1986 Jewel of the Nite
video movie 1986 Lifestyles of the Black and Famous
movie 1986 Living in a Wet Dream
movie 1986 Lovers Lane as Dave
video movie 1986 Mad Sex
movie 1986 Mantrap
movie 1986 Mardi Gras
movie 1986 Naughty Girls in Heat
movie 1986 Passion Pit as Roller Skate Repairman
movie 1986 Play Me Again Vanessa
movie 1986 Pleasure Maze
movie 1986 Pleasure Spot
video movie 1986 Rambone Does Hollywood as Second Customer
movie 1986 Red Hot Pepper
video movie 1986 Sex F/X
movie 1986 Sex Life of a Porn Star
movie 1986 Sex Slaves
video movie 1986 Sexy as Gary
movie 1986 Sin City
video movie 1986 Sinful Sisters
movie 1986 Sophisticated Women as Slob
video movie 1986 Superstars and Superstuds
movie 1986 Swedish Erotica 71
movie 1986 Swedish Erotica 72
video movie 1986 Taboo V as Piano player's friend
video movie 1986 The Anal-ist II
video movie 1986 The Call Girl
movie 1986 The Hot Box Invasion as Les
movie 1986 The Kiss
movie 1986 The Many Shades of Amber
video movie 1986 The Return of Johnny Wadd© as Louie Camerino
video movie 1986 Wild Orgies
video movie 1986 With Love, Lisa
video movie 1986 Wow Volume 21: Breakfast at Tiffanys
video movie 1986 Young Nympho as Silver
movie 1985 Amber Aroused
video movie 1985 Backdoor Romance
video movie 1985 Battle of the Stars
movie 1985 Battle of the Stars 3: Stud Wars
movie 1985 Beverly Hills Exposed as Jonathon Stinson
video movie 1985 Beverly Hills Heat as Mike
movie 1985 Black Baby Dolls
movie 1985 Black Magic
movie 1985 Blonde Heat (The Case of the Maltese Dildo) as Howie Mann
movie 1985 Bootsie
video movie 1985 Cherry Busters
video movie 1985 Cinderella as Waiter
video movie 1985 Cream Puff as Billy Ray
video movie 1985 Cumshot Revue 2
video movie 1985 Deep Chill
video movie 1985 Desperately Seeking Suzie...
video movie 1985 Dirty Shary as Gangster
video movie 1985 Dr. Strange Sex
video movie 1985 Erotic Zone as Old Will
movie 1985 Fashion Passion
video movie 1985 Futuresex
movie 1985 Golden Girls: The Movie
video movie 1985 House of Lust as Charles the Chauffeur
video movie 1985 Illusions of Ecstasy as Jeff
video movie 1985 Inspector Cliteau in... The Pink Panties
video movie 1985 Ladies in Lace as Tom
video movie 1985 Little Muffy Johnson as Muffy's Fantasy Man
movie 1985 Looking for Mr. Goodsex as Dave
video movie 1985 Lustfully Seeking Susan as Joe
video movie 1985 Marina Heat
video movie 1985 Marina Vice as Jake
video movie 1985 Missing Pieces
video movie 1985 Nasty
movie 1985 Naughty Cheerleaders
video movie 1985 Physical II as Guy #12
movie 1985 Pleasure Hunt 2
movie 1985 Private Fantasies V as 1st Cop
video movie 1985 Rock Hard as Billy VJ
movie 1985 Satin Dolls
video movie 1985 Screw
movie 1985 Sex Crimes 2084 as Trevor Horn
movie 1985 Sex Wars as Commander Jupiter Jones
movie 1985 Swedish Erotica 65
movie 1985 Swedish Erotica 66 as Hiker
movie 1985 Swedish Erotica 69
movie 1985 Tease Me
movie 1985 Terms of Employment
video movie 1985 The Erotic World of Linda Wong
video movie 1985 The Good the Bad & the Horny as Steve
movie 1985 The Good Time Girls
video movie 1985 The Reincarnation of Don Juan as Guy with Kneesocks Girl
video movie 1985 The Ultimate O
video movie 1985 Untamed
movie 1985 Voyeur's Delight
movie 1985 Wild Things as Undercover Cop
movie 1985 Wild Toga Party
video movie 1985 Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy!
video movie 1985 Young & Restless II as Guy in Blue Thong
video movie 1984 Bare Elegance as Billy
video movie 1984 Black Taboo as Uncle Elston
video movie 1984 Brown Sugar as Thorne
video movie 1984 Camp Beaver Lake: The Movie as Uncle Billy
video movie 1984 Cherry-etts for Hire
movie 1984 Chocolate Cream
movie 1984 Cummin' Alive
movie 1984 Dear Fanny as Hitch Hiker
movie 1984 Dirty Girls as Billy
video movie 1984 Doctor Desire as Roofing Worker
movie 1984 Educating Nina as Male Dancer
movie 1984 Fantasy Land
movie 1984 Fooling Around
movie 1984 Forbidden Desire
movie 1984 French Letters
video movie 1984 Hot Ones
video movie 1984 Inflamed
movie 1984 Lips as Stephen
video movie 1984 Lorelei as Dirk
video movie 1984 Private Fantasies 4
video movie 1984 Running Wild
video movie 1984 Sinful Pleasures as Billy
movie 1984 Temptation: The Story of a Lustful Bride as Orgy Groom #2
movie 1984 The Pleasure Hunt
movie 1984 Trading Partners as Guy Dandy
video movie 1984 Working Girls as Billie, Sammy's boyfriend
movie 1984 Young Girls Do as Erica's Gay Pickup
movie 1983 Aggressive Women
movie 1983 Black Desire
movie 1983 Bodies in Heat as Marty a Detective
video movie 1983 Captives as Gold Chain Guy
movie 1983 Coffee, Tea or Me as Skip
video movie 1983 Deviations as Club Owner's Partner
movie 1983 Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
movie 1983 Erotic Dimensions 6
movie 1983 Extra Sensual Pleasure
movie 1983 Feels Like Silk as First Guy with Carol
movie 1983 Go for It as Ted
movie 1983 Irresistible as Motel Party
movie 1983 Love Letters
movie 1983 Night Moves
movie 1983 Private Moments as Book Customer
video movie 1983 Swedish Erotica 47
movie 1983 The Stimulators
movie 1983 Virginia as Bill Downing
movie 1982 All American Girls as Prof. Stanton
movie 1982 Baby Cakes as Steve
movie 1982 Body Magic as Frat House Reveler Quarterback
movie 1982 Body Talk
movie 1982 Charli
movie 1982 Chocolate Delights
movie 1982 Doing It
movie 1982 Double Pleasure
movie 1982 Girl from S.E.X. as C.I.A. Agent
movie 1982 I Want to Watch
movie 1982 Ladies Night
movie 1982 Mai Lin vs. Serena
movie 1982 Memphis Cathouse Blues as Tommy Lee
movie 1982 Open Lips as Good Samaritan
movie 1982 Pleasures of a Woman
movie 1982 Porno Screentests
movie 1982 Sadie as Harem Guard
movie 1982 Shameless
movie 1982 Sizzle with Samantha
movie 1982 The Seductress as John McCord
movie 1981 Anytime Anyplace as First Guy with Angela
movie 1981 Las Vegas Lady as Delivery Guy
video movie 1981 Lysa Thatcher's Fantasies
movie 1981 Oui, Girls as Guy with Kitty
movie 1981 Peach Fuzz as Lenny
movie 1981 Physical as Gordon
movie 1981 Skintight as Fantasy
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 1
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 12 as Spike
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 18
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 22
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 33
movie 1981 Swedish Erotica 6
movie 1981 Undulations as Lenny Williams
movie 1980 '11' as Lee
movie 1980 A Place Beyond Shame as Guy with Asian Girls
movie 1980 Aunt Peg as The Waiter
movie 1980 On White Satin as Party Guy with Yellow Toga
movie 1980 Stormy as Spike
video movie 1980 Suzy Nero's Fantasies as Billy
movie 1980 The Affairs of Miss Roberts
movie 1980 The Erotic World of Seka as Mike's Friend
movie 1979 Blonds Have More Fun as Jack
movie 1978 The Legend of Lady Blue as Shelby Turner
movie 1978 Thoroughly Amorous Amy as Guy on Beach

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The story of the troubled life and career of the legendary Jazz singer, Billie Holiday.

James Caan, Billy Dee Williams November 30, 1971.

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